This team can’t hit

Against anybody absolutely pathetic! They have all the potential in the world and can’t produce. We all know it isn’t coaching. I don’t know of an offensive player who will make all conference. Just hard to watch or listen to.

Yep. Maybe they will catch fire later on. Thinking too much at the plate.

With all the analytics has anyone ever look at out first pitch take compared to first pitch swing for hit or first pitch swings that results in advancing a base runner.

Yeah with the age of analytics I’m sure they have that information available but for whatever reason about three out of four batters go up there and take the first pitch which I have never ever understood, if it’s in the zone you crush the ball or at least try to. We are missing too many opportunities by doing so and putting the pitcher in command of the at-bat.everybody knows they’re going to try to get ahead in the account with the first pitch because they don’t want to get behind and have to throw a strike with the next one.

Billy, for every first pitch that gets “crushed” there are three or four that get popped up or a weak grounder to the shortstop. Swinging on the first pitch is not a fix, and often makes things worse because you let a pitcher get deep into the game with a low pitch count.


There’s always going to be the possibility that you don’t crush it but you not ever going to crush it until you at least swing at it. With the power we have on this team I just hate to see them pass up pitches that they could possibly hit hard for hits and maybe home runs.

I’m not the only one who thinks swing at the first pitch is good here’s the Major league baseball support of it.


Thank you for the comment and posted article. I am going to discuss it with out youth and high school coaches. If you take first pitch strike consistently you better real good a fouling off marginal pitches from that point on in the at bat. I was taught first pitch off speed depending on situation I take. First fastball I see I hit. If you can throw 3 quality off speed pitches that I cannot touch I tip my hat to you.

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You’re welcome I knew we had discussed it quite a bit on the board so I was just using it for reference. I will say this,I think knowing the strike zone is incredibly important. I believe in swinging at the first pitch provided it’s in the part of the plate that you can drive the ball.if the guy is throwing 98 on the outside black I’m going to give him that. He throws a ball in the center of the plate I’m going to be ready to try to drive it hard no matter what the count is (3-0 is the exception most of the time). I never would let my guys swing early in the season until I knew they knew the strike zone because until they figure that out the pitcher wouldn’t have to get them out,they would get themselves out. So know the strike zone real well and be ready to attack the first pitch that’s in your zone.

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Billy, the only thing you are guilty of is making too much sense. :sunglasses:
I think the same things you do when I watch this team.


“Taking” the first pitch makes no scientific sense, unless the pitcher has already demonstrated “wildness”. Most likely the best pitch a batter may see is the first pitch, unless facing a 3-2 situation with bases loaded.

I think most hitting coaches want you to look for the first pitch in a spot. That is typical. If it’s not there, take. And if it’s moving (even a fast ball), take. If they catch a pattern, they might alter that.

And you want to run up pitch count. And you don’t want to send your pitcher back to mound after a 5-pitch inning at the plate.

Myself, I never went up there swinging. I wanted a pitch to get timing.

I might bunt first pitch if I caught the third baseman back. And a fake bunt on first pitch brought him to open up the left side.

I started to read this, and I know Molina is not hitting this well this early it was from 2021. But still a good article.

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Yeah the approach is still the same I’m sure first pitch has got to be a strike and sometimes they swing and it’s not quite a good enough pitch to get a hit on.

Yes, you don’t try to swing at the first pitch if it doesn’t look right (or good). But, the point is to be aggressive and assume the first pitch is going to be over the plate.

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Absolutely and you know what the guy likes to start hitters off with, pay attention to see if he’s following that script in the game and then go up there and look for a ball in the heart of the plate and try to do damage

That’s how Webb got his HR, pitcher threw a hanging curve 1st pitch for a called strike. Threw the same pitch 2 pitches later and Webb smoked it.

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Some hitters like to go after the first pitch, some don’t. It is important to allow a hitter the freedom to swing at a good pitch.wherever that may be in the at bat. A lot of hitting is talent and instinct, and if you take that away from a hitter by making him take the first pitch, you are not helping him.

Seldom does Van Horn give take sign.

We hit the ball reasonably well against OM, but then we hit into DP’s & made some base running mistakes. We had something like 5 hits in the first 3 innings—including all our leadoff hitters, I believe—and got no one past third base. The one runner on third got there during a DP so even he got there with 2 already out. Then in the next 3-4 innings we hit some great shots to the warning track.

It’s tellling when the DH is hitting ninth. I wonder what the teams slugging percentage is compared to the last four teams? This year’s team best hitters from last season are not producing to their expected capabilities. Don’t know why. Just notice the lack of clutch hitting. I thought when the season started the hitting and defense was going to carry the team. However, the pitching is what has been keeping the Hogs in contention every game.
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