This team better get it together quick

this schedule is ridiculous! the 1st 3 conference teams are Kentucky and at Fla and OM…we better start finding some consistency at the plate and in the field or we are going to be in a big hole right off the bat…nobody should have this schedule…crazy!

not happening! …can’t hit in the clutch and can’t field recipe for disaster!

I don’t think they are as good as we were led to believe

not playing like it…I beleive we are a great team but mentally right now we are screwed up.

3 HR’s
Back to Back to Back!
Lead 7 to 4!!!

that is the one thing about this team,they are never out of the game with our Power,wind blowing out is nightmare aaginst this team,we don’t have to try to hit them 500 ft just 38o will do

Well, if i get frustrated and post most times they make me look a fool.

GRAND SLAM:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:
What a turn around with the bats:bangbang:

They seem to have gotten it together…

Kent State’s starter today is its usual No. 2 who they did not want to pitch on six days rest this week. He is good; has a 2.20 ERA coming into today. The first reliever also was a weekend pitcher, usually their Sunday guy.

There are not a lot of bullpens that are going to be able to shut down Arkansas’ offense. The key is to get the starter out relatively quickly, which Arkansas did today. Kent State used its ace reliever the other night and he threw too many pitches to go again today.

I was pretty confident Arkansas would win once it was able to tie the game up in the sixth. There had been some good at-bats in the innings beforehand, just not consecutive enough to string together runs.

Good post, Matt!
I appreciate the insight you bring to the game.
I agree. It’s not that we are hitting the ball, it’s just the untimely hitting with men on base that is frustrating. I thought we would win once we tied it up, and I believe so did the team. I think it took some pressure off the offense. They relaxed at the plate and started making good contact. Whether they were swinging for the fense, or just trying to make good contact, doesn’t matter to me if it resulted in a hit or a home run. As long as we’re producing runs.

One interesting thing about the homers today was that the wind was blowing out to right. None of the home runs were hit to right. The slam was to straight away center and the others were all to left.

That’s why I don’t post during the game. I learned I don’t like crow. Lol. I was frustrated watching them whiff on a few balls. Went outside and boom, we were ahead.

I get the feeling that some fans won’t be totally happy, unless the team dominates the opponent from wire to wire, every game. Even winning bums them out if it ended up being a close game or they fell behind and had to come back. :smiley:

So the last pitcher that pitched for Kent State was actually their 3rd baseman.

I suppose they had no pitchers left in the pen?

We got better!

Beat Texass!

He is a two-way player, no different than Evan Lee pitching for Arkansas.

That KS pitcher had a wicked curve. His problem was getting it over the plate. However, when he did, he was really good (take the case of Casey’s first two trips to the plate. I made a comment to some of the guys in my section that there probably weren’t too many nasty curve ball pitchers at Lonoke high school. On the issue of this team living up to the hype, I think if we get Fletcher and Shaddy going, we are pretty much there. I wish Fletcher would get his long looping swing under control and quit jerking his head out of the zone. We also need for Campbell and McKinney to develop. On the other hand, we have some extremely talented freshmen on this team and they are producing.

It’s still cold outside. When the weather warms up the hogs will warm up! It’s not the end of the world.

Dominated the Cats!

Happy Hog Fan


Whipped em like yard dogs.