This story captures Nick Starkel perfectly...

it’s by Tom Murphy. … 0190731-1/

That was real. Not your typical player speak. Sounds like Nick is full of fire. It’s a good attribute for a QB.

The article is refreshing because it is not the usual preseason blather that we get every year and during the season. Congratulations to Nick for speaking frankly and to Tom for writing it. What is nice is that Nick Starkel apparently is a hoss who has a strong arm and talent. We haven’t had that recently, so it gives me hope he might take the job and get us some wins in the SEC. As Steve Spurrier said, “It’s talkin’ season”, but this talk was a little different than most.

I liked the candor. QBs are just built like that, and it gets old hearing all the QB room unity and bliss stuff.

I like it too. Will be very interesting to see how this plays out. I’m betting this guy will start sooner rather than later. I think Dudley predicted he’d win the job at some point in the year, but Clay expects it to be Hicks all year…

Like the talk he brings, now bring the walk with it.
Talk don’t win games or win a starting spot, but results on the field do.
Just bring it big boy!

all the great ones think just like that…I look forward to seeing how he does but it appears he has great leadership skills and that is very important to such a young team…

Night and day difference in these two transfers versus the two QB’s we had last year. QB is most important position on team and we will be at that position.