This stat grabs attention

This does not happen without elite in-game coaching


Wow that’s a great stat. And remember in our first Elite 8 tournament run, every one of our victories were double digit comebacks. Musselman’s in game coaching really is as good as anyone in college basketball.


It is a very nice stat…but it also includes beating #1 Gonzaga in SF, also a very good stat


Agree about Coach’s in game adjustments. There are examples in each of the 8 games over the past 2 Tournaments.

On the other hand, being 5-0 in close games (the 6th win in the last 2 Tournaments was the blowout of Colgate, after trailing early) means our 2 losses weren’t that close. Sure we made runs at both Baylor and Duke (again, adjustments), but both of those teams beat us rather comfortably.

The stat I’m ready to see is, “Arkansas is 4-0 in their last 2 Final Four appearances”.


Muss ran into teams that were more talented than us after 3 games the last 2 years. That won’t be a problem going forward.

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Yep. Also, in our first EE, we played Baylor closer than all their other 5 opponents, including Houston and Gonzaga in the final four.


Texas Tech and Gonzaga were more talented than we were too.


My Alabama friends say “supposably.”


Coaching matters as well as stars. It’s truly amazing what the Hogs have accomplished the past two seasons when you evaluate their overall team wide level of talent coming out of high school. CEM and his staff are elite.
UA…Campus of Champions

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