This staff

Coached like an smu staff. Craddock called a terrible game. 4 th down punt, cute screens when we should be pounding them. Gonna be a long year. Need recruits and staff to start coaching like an sec staff.

Really hammered down. The 4th down punt was absurd.

I’ll never understand not going for it there…with steamboat and the way we had been running it .

Very disappointed. Poorly Coached. We have limited talent, but our coaching staff gave the game to Colorado St…

Don’t worry, we can blame Brett for about her 4 or 5 years. Than we can fire Morris and start over with another up and comer.

Morris looked like he was going to throw up in those last 2 minutes. Are we sure that Chad Morris made DeShaun Watson, or, did Watson make Morris? That’s literally all his college reputation is built on…

So much for left lane, hammer down, full tilt boogie!

More like Model T Jack Crowe on the shoulder.

Not having the guts to go for it on fourth and less than one cost us. Then we are pounding them on the run and we start throwing cute screens.

Hello to more darkness my old friends…

Well said, Newtonhog.