This site needs content ASAP

Clay, Matt, Dudley

In my opinion you guys need to be driving content and discussion on this site ASAP or its going to get people more disgruntled than they already are.

I would like to see linked articles from the ADG at the top of each forum as well as editorials and commentary from each of the “insiders” quickly. If this doesn’t start looking like a razorback message board instead of an IT help desk/complaint factory people are going to stop dropping by.

This should have been the plan from the beginning, and one of the reasons I’m still contemplating staying around.

apologies to Matt, I see he has done some of the things I asked for, however the set up of the board makes the topics very hard to find. “insider” post may need to be pinned at the top until more flow and content is produced

Done. Thanks for the suggestion.