This Shows Just How Close the Hogs were!

There is no doubt they gave Baylor their biggest scare. Both the Hogs and Zags got down right off the bat, but only the Hogs could climb back in and make a game of it. They did it with incredible effort and defense. If you rated the final 8 from top to bottom, the Hogs would have to be way up high on that list.

Coach Muss did an amazing job this year as did his players. By the way, Baylor is a complete team. I wonder what their payroll is?


Villanova had Baylor down at halftime. The Wildcats were in it deep in second half.

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Villanova had Baylor in trouble and gave them a scare, worse than the Hogs did because they actually led Baylor.

Also, Baylor was in a deep post-COVID shooting slump and didn’t come out of it until the Houston game when their threes started falling again.

Uh, they hit 53% of their threes against us; better outside the arc than inside. The shocking thing to me is how they crushed Gonzaga on the boards last night. We outrebounded them by 5; they outboarded the Zags by 16.

I was gonna say, Baylor shot lights out from 3 against us in the first half. It was almost a carbon copy of the Gonzaga game.

I agree that Baylor was more athletic. Much quicker. Stronger too. I was also surprised they just dominated the boards. One thing that also surprised me was the way the game was called. I am not saying it was called badly. But Baylor was allowed to almost maul Gonzaga physically–it honestly reminded me of the way Nolan’s teams used to maul people.

There were a couple of times early in the game where Baylor just descended on a Zaga ballhandler like bandits on a rich traveler on medieval forest road…and no fouls were called. Once I saw that, and saw how Baylor was shooting…I knew it was over. And told Mary that, who said “then why are you even watching?” And I was like…“well I guess I don’t ACTUALLY know its over.”

But it was.

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