This sets up beautifully

Virginia can easily win the Fort Worth regional, which would put the super in Baum if we take care of business. I think we have a great chance to get to Omaha with this draw. No surprise at all to get MoState, Okie Lite and ORU. The entire regional is within a 180 mile radius of Baum.

And did I see it correctly? LSU didn’t get a seed? :lol:

Oops. Guess I misinterpreted the tiny letters I saw on my phone. LSU got a seed.

TCU had better play well; UVA is definitely going to be playing with a chip on their should for being slighted (Clemson getting “their regional”).

And I like our chances of taking down the Cavs at Baum; we do owe them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dallas Baptist is a really good program, too. TCU may advance but they got the roughest draw, IMO.

Their 2 should have hosted and their 3 has been a nationally competitive small school for several years.

The HoustonRegional is the most brutal one, in my opinion.

That was my thought, too. Dallas Baptist could easily beat Virginia in the first game and could give TCU trouble. DBU took TCU to extra innings earlier this year.