This season's record

Lot of discussion about this season’s record and complaining about it. It was terrible but most should not be acting like they are surprised with it. Pre season prediction generally ranged from 16 to 18 wins and we ended the season with 17. Right were most predicted. We had some good games and some bad games. Shame of it is that if we make a freethrow here and there this is a 20 win team. Actually Anderson did a pretty good job with what he had to work with. Moving on, If Anderson returns (I think he does) I will support him. If we have a new coach I will support him. My School, my team. Regardless of who the coach is.

As to Anderson’s coaching style, I don’t really care for it. I tend to lean towards Sutton’s style. We are just a little too high risk, high gain for me. But then I am old and maybe see the game different from most.

“Well let’s go to the video tape”
Before the first game:




How about from someone that is not a homer.

Ha. Fair. Most preseason projections didn’t have us in the tourney.

It was a bad year and I think that most of us saw it coming. Too many spots to fill and too many unknowns. Some times most of us, me included, think that we will preform above what we know. That ok, way it should be. I have never had us going into a game thinking we will lose. That just me. Never say die.

Not surprised by the final record.
Not really too disappointed about it, honestly

My aggravation is what I see as a core, fundamental defect in the way we play. I echo what was said above. We play a game that is tilted too negatively in the risk vs reward equation.

We just don’t value the ball, and that includes rebounding. It has been that way for years, not just this one. We will get enough reward to be on the positive side of wins vs losses, but it won’t be anything special.

The record reflects having too many players that can’t throw the basketball in the ocean and they jacked up 100-3’s this season. What do you expect! At least 5 games were lost because of missing free throws. ( suprise that another shooting problem).
Defense we got beat by Texas by missing free throws, not rebounding and allowing too much space for a late 3 to send the game to OT! We never were able to stop the straight line drive to the rim. We failed to see our big man stay down low and Protect the rim he switched on guards and left the paint wide open for a mismatch and a lot of easy buckets just like the Florida game!
The players made these mistakes not the coach! Discipline is what the hogs lacked this season. No leadership on the floor! You can call it youth, lack of experience or just simply a lack of talent! The same result would come from each issue.
Next season of those same 3 players take 100-3’s and make less than 15 % again we will be just as disappointed. I’m looking forward to seeing what players CMA can bring in to help our hogs!

I think a homer would have predicted ~20 wins and a win or two in the tournament.

Problem with your argument is that you are only looking at the losses and identifying the loss with the style. I can point to the wins that we have had because of the style and defensive pressure.

I can take any style of any coach and look at games and point to how the style won the game or lost the game.

Every style has strengths and weaknesses. Risks and rewards. It comes down to players executing it. When you have an inexperienced team, they just don’t execute it as well, especially at crunch time.

So the question for the coach becomes, should he abandon the style until the players are experienced enough. Problem with that is the players only learn it to the fullest in game situations. So, you have to stay with it until they learn it or change the style forever.

Everyone has pointed out problems with our roster. I bet if we go toe to toe, no risk play, we would not even win 17 with this team. Kind of like Bielema playing smash mouth football in SEC.

I think we fit the profile of a young inexperienced team to a T. Highs and lows and lose close games more than win.

I know a lot of the posters have played basketball competitively before. I am amazed how little tolerence there has been to inexperience.

I stick with my original statement.

I think making the tournament for the fourth time in five years was a reasonable expectation and Arkansas did not meet that expectation.

Is that a reason to fire the head coach in his eighth year? We’ll see.

I can understand arguments on both sides.

For the record, if Coach Anderson is let go, I certainly will not think that he wasn’t given a long enough chance to succeed.

But as I have said as a beat writer, it is not my place to offer up who they should hire or fire.

I recall your pre-season prediction was NIT. Am I misremembering it?

No, I thought that would make the dance, but be bubblicious about it.

The home losses - especially the non-conference ones - were the difference to me.

I stand corrected. In that case, I am surprised that is what you predicted. You are usually very cautious, given there were nine new faces and only one returning scorer.

The lack of tolerance I’ve voiced this season has been mainly because of the bricks that players continue to put up when they simply can’t shoot form that range.
3’s- 15/100. So I need to list the 3 players!
Those shoots even for them increase by 20% if they are inside the arc or at the rim.
Laying an egg at home to WKY and Georgia Tech was hard to swallow! Expecially the Georgia Tech game where we failed to drive to hole or get the Ball to Gafford down low. We took 9 free throws in that entire game! Late in that game we had the ball down 1 and put up a 3 and missed and from there in went down hill.

Before the season started I thought the hogs would win 20 games and be 9-9 in confercne play. Earn a 8-10 seed in the dance.

Next season there will be more leadership from the guards so we should be better.

NC State just lost to Georgia Tech at home and they’re probably going to make the tournament. Western Kentucky won 20 games.

Yes, Army, we know you think there are three people who should never shoot the ball. Playing 3 on 5 doesn’t work, since Gabe and Adrio aren’t in at the same time.

Harris is on the floor with Gabe or Adrio that’s what make it 5 on 3! Adrio can make the mid range shot at a decent rate just not the 3!

See, Army, the problem with your stance is it ignores the shot clock. You get down to 2 on the clock and you have the ball, you’d better shoot it. Wherever, or whoever, you are. If you get it up there, it might go in, even from one of those three guys on the no-shoot list, or you might get an offensive rebound; we rebounded about 30% of our own misses. If you don’t shoot it, you have zero chance for either one happening, and 100% chance of a turnover. I don’t think Gabe did much of that, but Harris, definitely.

There once was an old time Player from, I think it was Brazil, that said "There are piano players and there are piano toters. He would put 30 on you anytime. Gabe and Bailey are toters. Harris, I think he could make the midrange shot just did not do it. Our piano players are Joe, Jones and Gafford. Jones very streaky. Sills came on late. We don’t have enough piano players. Bailey I never did figure out. One thing that Gabe could have done to really help the play would have been to take that one dribble towards the goal when they backed off of him. Never saw him do it. No confidence in handling the ball I guess. If you are a toter then you must do the dirty work of defense, rebound and energy, but you have to at least be a threat to be a player. Our toters, except for Chaney, were not much of a threat to be piano players. Old coach Guy Lewis said it best, “I like them players that are hard to guard” we need more players that are hard to guard. This is more true now than ever. The rules of the game have changed such that the offense has an advantage. Just a few thoughts from an old Basketball junkies. Take it for what it is

Gabe did do it a few times. Notbmany. He made few baskets dribbling to the hoop but also turned the ball over some. He didn’t do it consistently enough to have confidence in it. Fans didn’t want him to even touch the ball on the offensive end. He needs to transfer for his own sake.