This season is about recruiting and improvement

I think we are seeing both.

We played an NFL team and don’t have close to that kind of talent.

But I see improvement in areas.

We all know we need to get more players, and not doing so consistently has been our issue since joining the SEC.

Talent gap seems about as wide as I have ever seen from an Arkansas team.

But this coach has an outmanned team now playing about as hard as this talent can.

We have to recruit our way out of this.

After a horrible start, coaching transition and lack of roster for SEC, there is reason for a lot of hope for future.

And man, if this staff can recruit so well so far with so little buzz of program these past years to recruit with, man, we just might just be building and on the right track for first time in a while.

We weren’t 1-5 at this point last year. So we scored some points yesterday, wow! We lost by 34!

And they have been recruiting better than we have seen in a while. But it’s not just recruiting, it’s about COACHING too.

Being blinded by some points being scored, does not change the fact we have constant issues, poor preparation, terrible coaching, and awful special teams. This is all on the head coach, and his staff.

But people are so desperate for ANY glimmer of progress, that they take a few bright spots and make it sound like a win.

This coach and staff are no further along then when the first game kicked off. Over his head and grasping at straws.

Elmo do us all a favor and please shut up. We get the point and know how you feel, it’s to the point of complete and utter ridiculousness. You don’t like chad, your narcissistic ego thinks you could’ve picked a better coach and know exactly how this is going to play out and that you know more about football.

Please, we get it, I promise, we all get it.


Speaking of being blindsided.

You can dish out your opinion and expect people to view it as the gospel truth with no questions asked, but can’t take the opinion of others.

If people want to point out anything positive - which is their right - you stand off to the side and piss in their cornflakes.

Lame. Sad. Goes for this season, your agenda and your lack of objectiveness.

Those who usually yell the loudest are often the ones most often lacking in self-esteem and not truly happy with themselves.

Might be the case here.

I’m relived the Razorbacks showed up and played to the end

We need more Boyd’s and this staff is getting them

My guess Arkansas lost its blue collar fighters edge when Coach Bret went to one day instead of two aday practices

I think this team has a real chance vs Ole Miss / I hope the fans show up and are LOUD

Team is growing and Cosch Morris and staff are too

If we play this right when he finnished tirining this program around he will stay

Elmo - my target date for this team getting attention is when the Raxorbavks play Notra Dame - coming out party

At the rate of growth I see a bowl game next year

Still a glimmer of hope these Razorbacks can win 6 but the path is narrow

Elmo I do respect your passion at not accepting losing - after losing for so long it’s hard to support this program but I think it’s got hope now

Hey Elmo, still waiting for that reputable reporter to write and publish that article about coach Morris is in over his head. You got a link I haven’t seen?

Elmo, you have made your opinions clear as well as your disdain for opinions that disagree with yours. Since I don’t know you, it would be wrong to assume to know the reasons you feel compelled to dispute most comments remotely positive about Coach and his staff. Seems obsessive to me. I have seen, some who have a different opinions than you, have open enough minds to recognize points you made that have merit. I may have missed it, but the general tone I sense from your posts not only fails to accept points contrary to your thinking but generates a generally defensive or hostile response.