This says it all...

Brett McMurphy’s tweet…

Only Vandy and Kentucky are worse in the SEC conference play than Bielema’s teams.

Incredible. And yet some of you continue to think Bielema is the answer.

If he is not the answer (which seems to be the case) Long is the problem for hiring him and giving him the HUGE buyout. Long bet the house on CBB. He should be #1 on the hot seat. IMO

Ding ding ding.

We have a winner!

All the Long and Bielema lovers if they would really admit it, “would really love to have Petrino back” and thats a fact.

I’m not a BB or Long lover by no stretch of the imagination and I rarely post over 8 plus years, but make no mistake about it, Petrino caused this mess, why in the hell would anyone want him back? Wins but no accountability? Yeah Ok. JMO

Bielemas best teams had a lot of the one who we cannot speaks players, and they were Brets best teams. Now a team with all of his guys and this is what we get.

Really questioning if the one who we cannot speak was that bad of a recruiter, maybe a better talent evaluator?

You are just flat wrong. This is BB’s 5th year. This is his and Long’s mess.

If you are talking about Petrino - or maybe you are talking about Valdemort - then his name is mentioned on here all the time.

Coach Petrino was a great coach, a good recruiter and a good offensive talent evaluator.

Of course, he did not want to recruit that many Arkansas kids as obvious by the fact that he only visited four high schools in Arkansas in his four years here.

And he would often take “naps” while letting his assistants actually go to see the kids when he was scheduled to do so

Coach Bielema is not the Coach Petrino is. That’s obvious.

But the reason Bobby Petrino got fired was Bobby Petrino and it was in no way just the mistress.

Bobby Petrino’s fault? Please…that was 6 years ago. This is Bielem’s team and all his players. Let him stand on his own merit good or bad.

I understand, was just adding some humor.

I’ve just seen CBB praised on his recruiting. If he’s that great of a recruiter, we see just how bad of a coach he is.

I was just pointing out that many have said Petrino wasn’t what CBB is in recruiting, like you mentioned there’s a lot to back that up. But he clearly knew talent, that’s why Brets best teams had some key players that were not recruited by him. Now in year 5, we are just plain bad, no sugar coating it.

No one is trying to sugar coat it.

Bielema and his staff put more effort into recruiting than any other staff in my 30-plus years on the beat.

But that has not translate into desired results.

And the OL recruiting has looked good on signing day, but not afterwards when it comes to Wallace and Merrick - who everybody wanted - but who have npt played up to their lofty billing.

Just trying to ease the pain.

I’m curious to see, ‘if’ the next coach finds talent in some of the guys on this roster, maybe a lot of it is on the coaching and development.

I’m not sure, as a fan I can just speculate. I can also hope for better days, I personally don’t see this season.

I’d rather be miserable and not win a game as have Petrino as a coach. He is a horrible human being without any integrity.
And yes Petrino caused this mess. Take away Bielma first year and what is his record?
The man works the results are just not happening on the field.
Do any of you want John L. Smith?

I’m tired of the way we get beat by repeating the same mistakes over and over.

… you know what? never mind. enjoy your misery. i’m not enjoying mine.

Ha ha Valdemort. :lol:

23-19 overall, 10-15 SEC
The results are definitely not happening on the field

doesnt have anything to do with petrino.

other than… we were winning and nationally relevant and respected… and at one of highest razorback peaks in recent memory up to the moment he was fired…
so we know its possible.

we dont have to be vandy and UK

the idea that we are bad now because of him is a curious one.
we were never bad with him no matter how much history is rewritten or forgotten

the “state” he left the program in has always been a mystery to me…
i was surprised to find he was such a nefarious character but i never took it personally.

new coach cleaned it up which is good thing. he gets credit for that as well as (mostly) living up the the UNCOMMON goals.
be nice if wins were part of the deal but it doesnt appear this is the case

this team
this era.
this situation is the sole property of our current head coach and our AD.

this situation is the sole property of our current head coach and our AD.[/quote]

There you have it. Absolute truth … like it or not.

We just invested 160 million in an expansion. We better get this thing right! It’s not working now. Less talk more action!