This say's it all

I heard the term “unacceptable” five hundred times last football season. I think it has lost it’s meaning.

No major D1 coach can go 1-5 making NCAA tournament.

Even if Arkansas has lowered standards to levels Eddie and Nolan would never have dreamed.

Mike has to make tournament before those of us old enough to remember program pride start to give up completely.

Nolan and Frank might deserve missing NCAA majority of last 15 years, but the fans do not.

This is on Mike as much as I hate to say it and have wanted to see him win.

Make NCAA, and Mike has shot to improve.

Miss NCAA for 5 of 6 years and changes must happen if there is any pride at all in program.

That’s kind of a bad look for Brewer. His teams had some bad losses themselves, I guess he forgot about that 4-12 team he was on.

As a former player you don’t tweet negative stuff like that, it serves no purpose, other than causing division in the fan base. Also, he hasn’t had a single tweet congratulating them in any game, yet he’s congratulated Malik Monk and Kentucky. But, soon as we have a bad loss he all of the sudden feels the need to speak on that. I don’t like stuff like that.

Blu, I agree with you 100%! What has Ronnie done for the Razorbacks since he left?

Came and used the facilities to workout. If I was CMA after I seen that tweet, I wouldn’t let him use them anyone.

This is honestly the first time I’ve seen a former player go on twitter to criticize the team after a loss. I could understand if he was an analyst or something like that, then that’s kinda your job. But he’s a player that’s still up here in Fayetteville a lot around the players and coaches, that’s just kinda a low blow.

Then it’s kinda hypocritical because some of the teams he played on had horrible losses, it’s not like he’s never been there before. But, Brewer been acting funny towards Arkansas after the whole Monk thing anyways. I think him and Marcus don’t really care too much for the current staff for whatever reasons.

Ronnie Brewer is just expressing the truth! It’s a free country and he is correct! I’d like to see some fire out of this team and program. No excuse to get beat. Make some adjustments and win.
We are not a pressing up tempo team. They think they are. I like MA and want him and our hogs to win but this is unexceptable. But you don’t fire the coach. If you want to build the program we all need to be patient. Look at the cubs they finally won. That what being a miserable hog fan compares too! There’s always next year! Maybe the team leader will come out of the incoming freshmen
We lack leadership and discipline.
You have to play for 40 minutes to win. Today this team tried to win a 40 minute game in 5 minutes. Too many mistakes.