This right here puts Arkansas football into perspective

Now I want everybody to think about this for a few minutes.
Actually blows me away!

ESPN rated Haselwood a 5-star prospect, the No. 1 wide receiver and the No. 6 overall prospect in the nation for the 2019 class. He will be the first 5-star receiver to play for the Razorbacks in the modern recruiting services era.

Maybe just " 5-star" receiver and Not all positions.


Correct. First 5-star receiver (although I’d say Burks has always looked like a 5-star to me).

Agim was our most recent 5-star, if memory serves.

You point is well taken. Lots of recruiting ground to make up to run with the big dogs.

Has he played like a 5 star at OU?

Who is better. The number 1 5* or T Burks?

From what I can tell and I’m no expert Burke’s should have been a 5 star.
Hazelwood is a 5 star and is coming in next season. We will all know next season how to judge the 2.

Burks is a 5 star now…


5 star plus!

There are some nice highlights of him on You Tube as a freshman.

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