This quote baffles me,

from the story that’s up about Devwah:

“Once Rawleigh retired, he kind of took it upon himself to be a leader in the group and start watching more film, and from a football IQ standpoint just try to get better and learn the scheme of the offense where he would be able to play fast and utilize his skills.”

I keep hearing over and over again about certain players on offense who suddenly seem to decide to learn the playbook. Is this not HIGHLY stressed by the coaching staff from DAY ONE? Are there proficiency tests of some sort?

It just seems that players only get the fire lit underneath them when they realize they might not get playing time if they don’t know the plays, or when there is an injury to someone ahead of them, as in Devwah’s case.

The way I read it indicates he is stepping up as a leader by giving more effort to preparation in the film room and studying the playbook. I’ve found that everyone can do a little more if they put their mind to it. And as a leader more is expected.

I think his response is typical of someone who is suddenly a leader. IMO…

Pretty common for players to pour more into it as they realize they are about to play. Remember, when you are on scout team, you are running another scheme. It’s tough to get it all crammed into the mind of a young player.