This popped up on my Google memories feed today

Hard to believe this was 12 years ago. Hog band at the Sugar Bowl



That was the pinnacle of Razorback football success for everything past the 1977 season. I thought we were on a roll & about to re-enter our rightful place as perennial top 25 or better programs. Of course it all ran into the ditch some 3 months later. Still hasn’t recovered. At least last season gave us reason for hope. Even this season is a giant step up from what happened over the next 8 years.

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15 months later, after the Cotton Bowl where BP alienated everyone in Dallas, but the point is valid.

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My bad. I thought the picture was in the Cotton Bowl. Should’ve read it more closely.

Nope, I wasn’t there. I still haven’t been inside JerryWorld, and probably won’t any time soon. Especially if the TAM series goes back to campus.

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