This place sure gets quiet after a win...sad commentary to a gutsy performance by the HOGS!

5-2 with a lot to play for

Had we lost last night we know how the board lights up

Kudos to Bret and his team let’s finish strong & support our HOGS!!!


It is sad that we have some posters that love to complain but don’t have the balance to enjoy the good. I was pleasantly surprised by the Oline performance, because it opened up the run game to create play action threats. Dwayne Eugene stepped up and kept us from being burned on defense with the loss Dre.

What they say

It was nice seeing the defense play strong in the fourth quarter, against a pretty salty offense.

2nd half D was much better and how bout some field goals!!!

That has never been a given lately and it made a huge difference last night


Where is BakedHog? Getting baked? I sure don’t see him this morning.

Defense stepped up and made some big plays down the stretch. Was glad to see some adjustments in the second half. Hated to see what happened to Deandre Coley. Thought that was load of crap. He made an aggressive, but clean, football play against the Ole Miss WR. He did exactly what a physical safety is supposed to do. Why do teams fear the Alabama secondary? Because of their physicality. Why is it when Arkansas is physical, our safety gets a personal foul, ejection, and will miss the first half of the next SEC game? I digress.

Special teams play was improved. A couple of touchbacks. A pair of field goals (even a 40+ yarder that was a no-doubter). Kickoff return coverage still needs to improve. We got lucky that the Ole Miss returner stepped out on the 100 TD return. But still, I saw improvement.

Our offensive line still made some mistakes. But they were much improved. What a difference it makes when we can run the football. Our offense is dependent on that. When we can run the football and protect AA, our offense can be scary. Hope the improvement continues on the OL.

Very proud of this team for bouncing back after playing such a physical game against Alabama last week. Great win last night for our program. Three straight against the Rebel Black Bears.

I was very happy to see Froholdt start to develop some confidence, Wallace had another good game, Skipper is at a high level, Raulerson picked it up and Ragnow amazes me that he can perform at such a high level after what he went through. AU has a good Dline but they are not that disciplined from what I could tell. They appear to just pin their ears back and come at you.

It’s amazing what takes place when you can run the ball. Pass blocking becomes easier. The reads for the quarterback are easier. The pass protection is easier. Play-action passes actually are effective.

Austin Allen just keeps getting better. I think he’s got a better understanding of the run checks. There is some maturation taking place in a lot of areas throughout this team. And, they played very hard.

Clay, in typical fashion, summarized the difference in the team and hit on a critical element: playing hard. We seem to lose concentration (especially on defense) in the second half against A/M and Bama, but last night they were focused and hungry throughout. Whatever the staff adjustments and mental preparation made during the week worked and bodes well for the rest of the season if the intensity continues. Hats off to a great effort on all fronts.

Unfortunately it has always been that way. I can remember times when almost no one posted after a win. At least there have been several posts about the improvements.

It was a great win last night. The crowd was great and very loud. This team is improving. Looking forward to another strong finish to end the year.

It’s just this cumbersome cut and paste forum format…it’s just not good at fostering conversations.

Big win for our Razorbacks!! Very happy Hogs in Alaska!

Go Hogs!! Beat Auburn!

Baked is persona non grata.

He had been leading the Hogs are awful/OM is the 3rd best team in the nation crowd, and now, poof, he’s nowhere to be found.

Louisville’s rise and Gussiah’s failures have created the worst element of negativity. There are still a lot of HDN lovers, Gussiah lovers and Petrino Lovers in our fan base that want to stir the pot all the time. I was shocked to see all 3 in action when I was at the Texas St game. That was the weekend of Louisville’s shocking beat down of FSU, so the Petrino lovers took pride in BP and said Long should have been the one to be fired. The HDN lovers felt that he had been punished enough, the OM allegations had very little to do with him so they felt it was time to say he could do a better job than CBB. Gussiah lovers were numerous but not as subdued as I expected because he is on the hot seat. They are actually given hope that CBB could be fired and Gus be hired before AU fires him. I was stunned and angry but had no way of explaining this to my daughter.

Totally agree with this statement. I have always believed people are more vocal and motivated into action when pissed than when happy. Sadly. Political campaigns at every level tend to be negative for this precise reason. I think after wins people tend to sit back and enjoy with their circle of friends, but after losses, when ticked off, tend to vent frustrations publicly on these forums.

Just the opposite of what our mommas all probably taught us to do.

Playing hard is the essence of coaching. I do believe Bret understands how to reach his players and get them to play hard. If it’s not there, he gets it corrected.

Great win for the Hogs! Crowd was really into it and I saw several positive signs we’d been hoping for… The OL was noticeably improved (run and pass)… the secondary competed better… and we looked like we had a FG kicker we can count on. If these and other positives from the game hold true, I think we may have seen a turning point in the season on Saturday. All 5 remaining games are winnable (also loseable if we don’t show up to play). I really like how this team is maturing in key areas and I can’t wait to watch how the rest of the season plays out…and to see the impact it will have on recruiting. Go hogs!