This overseas trip

Is another masterpiece recruiting tool by Muss. The kids had fun on and off the court. Going undefeated over there should help to.


Also Hawaii in November. You can’t beat that as a young man. I have never been to either one and I am 64.


Next year the team will go to The Bahamas.


Well come to Maui with the rest of us

However unlike the trip to Europe, Bahamas is part of regular season and it won’t be a cultural experience like Europe. I suppose the next such opportunity will be four years from now.

Well, Nebraska and Northwestern are playing a regular season football game in Ireland in a few weeks. I think somebody played a regular season football game in Australia a couple of years back. Suppose it’s not impossible that Muss could do something like that.

This is the one I’m looking forward to attending. Much more enticing to me than the Hawaii trip. Even though I’ve been to Atlantis lots of times, especially when living in Florida (and VA Beach), I’m always ready to go back. I haven’t been there since 2012, just before leaving VA Beach and coming back here to take care of my Mother, after my Father died.

Would love it… However we will be heading to Italy in the fall. Hawaii in 2023 :slightly_smiling_face:

Perfect time of the year for a trip to Italy. We took a 3 week trip to Italy (including 3 days in Monte Carlo, Monaco) during the last 10 days of Sept and first 10 days of October. Near perfect weather. Nice warm weather (70s and low 80s) during the day and nice and cool (60s) at night. Great rail system for travel around the country.

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