This oughta lock us in

RPI jumps to 26 with the win. Fourth place in the league, maybe third if the Poultry loses. 23 wins, 12-6 in conference, 8-5 away from BWA. We took care of business. Glad all three seniors played well in their last Palace appearance.

Georgia is a good defensive team and we shredded them. Second half was a clinic. Getting good shots and making them. If Georgia hadn’t shot 90+% at the line it would have been a complete mismatch. Well, after halftime it was a complete mismatch anyway.

And Holmes scored.

When Beard and Hannahs went nuts after his shot, I thought we got a Tech on the bench. Great game.

I agree. For the first time all season, I am now certain there’s nothing that can happen that will keep us out of the NCAAT. I guess we did it with one game to spare. Had we lost today, I think we’d have needed at least 1 win in the SECT. I’d like to win at least one in Nashville, but even a first round loss shouldn’t keep us out. (Who do we play, winner of the Bama vs. ? ?)

Yes we should be in now for sure. Good team win. I was proud to see the tempo pick up! JJ got tires and in cost him a couple of fouls. it was ugly at times but it’s a win. There were multiple hogs that took it to the hole.
When you shoot like this you have a chance to be Florida.
Swine who will we get in the SEC tournament?

Depends on the SCe game. SC wins, we get Bama, then KY. SC loses, we get Ole Miss and Vandy plays Florida AGAIN. We beat Ole Miss we get winner. Could it be the rubber match with Vandy?

We won’t know until after tonight’s games, particularly South Carolina and Ole Miss. If the Chickens lose we’re third. Looks like Bama is 5th no matter what. Ole Miss will be 6th if they win, Vandy will be 6th if the Chickens win.

In a situation like that, plus us up by 20 and less than minute to play, I don’t believe the Georgia coach would want a technical against our bench.

Which also means that Vandy can’t be in our bracket. If we’re 4th, Vandy is 6th. If we’re 3rd, Vandy is 7th. I guess if its 3rd and 7th we could meet them in the semis. But we can’t get them Friday. Likely Bama or OM there.

If you’re referring to my statement above I said we get Ole Miss and Vandy gets Florida again. We beat Ole Miss we play the winner of that game, a possible rubber match with Vandy.

I know sometimes it’s hard to read what I said because my brain is faster than my fingers :wink:

I though Vandy would be six so, if Ole Miss wins, that is good because I rather play Ole Miss than Alabama or Vandy.

Locked, loaded, and hunting for some wins in March. A win over UK and/or UF in the SECT would put a gigantic cherry on top of a very successful SEC campaign.

Pretty impressive that we put up 1.2+ ppp on UGA with Macon scoring only 3. The defense doesn’t have a target that will necessarily derail us on a given night.

Both Ole Miss and Bama have the tiebreaks over Vandy, so if there is a three-way tie at 10-8, which there would be if OM wins, Vandy slides to 7th.