This one surprises me a bit

Or maybe not. A whole lot of Twitter users aren’t old enough to remember the SWC. I think you have to vote to see the results.

Not a worthy poll. I tried to vote for Texas but I hafta sign. I don’t do twit.

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I’m curious, and like Fred, I’m not on Twitter…mind sharing the vote results Swine?

As of 5:10 pm, it was LSU 43%, Texas 38.5%, Ole Miss 13.5%, Misery 5.2%.


I would agree that’s the trend as of today.


I am surprised the LSU % is not higher, and what is the 5% preference for Missouri about?

Be interesting to see a breakdown by age group, and also a breakdown by location.

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I look at it a little bit differently.

That Texas is that high, even after not playing them regularly for over 30 years, tells me that they will be waaaay on top of lists like these in 5 to 10 years. Once our younger fans get a regular dose of their arrogance, disregard for Arkansas and generally loathsome ways, they will skyrocket to the top.

Surprised to not see aTm on the list. Expect that they would be up there with ut & LSU.

When you throw the longhorns into the equation, can easily see them at the top of the list, mostly due to Broyles/Royal rivalry & bitter dislike of them from the SWC days including their relentless arrogance. Hope the SEC bans their players from brandishing their hook-em horns finger action on the field. .

A&M wasn’t an option for the poll, and I don’t think they’d be up there with the Fallopians and Corndogs if theye were. Somewhere around the Ole Miss numbers would be my guess. We had some really meaningful games with LSU on Black Friday. Haven’t with A&M since they entered the league, in part due to the early spot on the schedule.

Understood they weren’t an option & curious as to why they were omitted from the list. Based on SWC days & the significance of that game based on so many Hog fans following the game & residing in DFW, believe the game has evolved into being high on our rivalry list.

You’d have to ask Brandon Baker why he chose the teams he did. Perhaps because TAM is not being widely mentioned as one of our potential permanent rivals.

Found it to be a surprising omission by Brandon. Even after SEC efforts & years of inter-state rivalry with Misery, obviously that rivalry not happening for Hog fans. aTm game definitely gets more attention & perhaps more so than OM.

I could see OU evolving into a big rivalry for the Hogs, similar to that with LSU but still behind ut.

It’s possible, and maybe in four or eight years they’ll replace Ole Miss or Misery with the Paperclips. But we really don’t have much history with Mobilehoma in spite of our proximity. Only 15 meetings in 130 years, counting the 2023 season. Which is kinda where we were with Misery when they joined the league; we were stuck together solely because of geography. And that one still isn’t catching on.

We do have a greater presence in OK in terms of recruiting (8 from OK vs 2 from MO) which may contribute to interstate rivalry. The state of MO & their fans do not rally behind U of Misery like most other schools in their home state, & perhaps in part due to state focus on KC Chiefs & other pro sports.

With OU historically considered an elite football program (at least up until recently) & its proximity between UofA & OU, expect big turnout for our games with them & possibly a bitter rivalry, much like LSU. As you state, we will know in a few years.