This one statistic tells you all you need to know about this game

Alabama averaged 10.13 yards per snap on offense.

The only time I can remember us doing worse was in the 2005 debacle at Southern California. They averaged 11.1 yards per play when whipping us 70 to 17.

They used to say “defense wins championships”. This is a new era, and offense is relatively more important than it used to be. But you still can’t win much of anything giving up a first down per snap.

Enough said. The entire defense should run Cleveland hill twice this week. Although, it hasn’t helped the BB team since 2001.

I was gonna correct you but… AtM two weeks ago 59 plays for 591…only 10.01 yds per play. :sunglasses:

Which means that in conference play, we’re giving up over 10 yard a play so far this season. If we can’t change our play soon, we may be headed for the worst defensive season in SEC history.

The first half against Alabama and the second half against Texas A&M were just horrible. I watched Texas give up 672 yards to Oklahoma. I didn’t think that was possible. Then, Hogs give up almost 400 in one half.

The first half against Alabama and the second half against Texas A&M were 765 by the Hogs. The common thread was big play after big play.

Safety play was a problem last year. It’s still a problem.

Safety play is clearly the problem yet we only signed two in the last class and one of those guys had no other D-1 offers. Arkansas beat NW State and Stephen F. Austin.

Games are won and lost in February

What’s even more worrisome is that Bama’s average is about what Arkansas is giving up per carry through six games, while BB’s smash-mouth running game is averaging 2.5 yards per carry for the season thus far.

So what do you think is the answer?

As Larry Johnson advised when UNLV played the Hogs in basketball, “Arkansas needs to get some men”. The Bama DL played like men against our boys and any Tide player that got past the line and faced our DBs and Safeties played like men against boys. The Hogs have some men, just not enough.

Yet Arkansas nonchalanted the recruiting of safeties last year, until panicking and offering a total unknown at the last second (who is predictably on the scout team now).

But we dominated time of possession. :slight_smile:

Most worthless stat in football. When the other team averages 10+ yds/play, it don’t take them long to score!!!

If they can’t pressure Kelley to turn the ball over which he does often and allow him to unleash on our secondary it’s gonna be a long night again

Biggest disappointment has been this DL which was suppose to be much improved to offset the secondary liabilities

The experience and strength of the team???

There’s only so much possibility for improvement within a season, and firing a coach who was the greatest DC ever just a couple of years ago…well it’s a diversion from the problem. I’m conflicted about the quality of the players/coaches in this program. I believe the physical differences are marginal (with the exception of Bama) and that the real differences lie on the coaching staffs. Teaching is critical to development, and I don’t see improvement from the same players…poor technique reflects on the staff, not just a single coach?