This one kind of speaks for itself


Thankfully there’s spell check to fall back on! Maybe that idiot for a liberal arts degree.

I’ve noticed a lot of LSU athletes major in “interdisciplinary studies”, whatever the heck that is. This person must have been an IS major. From reading the LSU website, interdisciplinary studies largely allows the student to create his/her own degree plan. Which for athletes probably means basic and advanced basket weaving.

When I went through college, I would align that degree plan with a Hospitality degree.

Stil really have no idea what that degree was used for besides a front desk clerk at a hotel.

When I lived in Houston, you heard quite a bit about Cougar High’s Conrad Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, which is actually pretty competitive for student admissions. With the name that is hung on it, you will not be surprised to learn that there is a Hilton hotel on campus that is used as a laboratory for the college’s students. Tilman Fertitta, reality TV star/hotel-restaurant owner/new owner of the Rockets, learned the hotel-restaurant business at UH. So I guess you can learn to run a hotel as well as check people in.


All that money and work paid off and he/she have put themselves in position to teach at Auburn…

University of Memphis has a similar degree plan partnered with Holiday Inn. I taught courses in hospitality and tourism at a community college and found them interesting. They cover much more than how to be a front desk clerk.

University of Arkansas has a Hospitality Innovation Concentration Program and use The Inn at Carnall Hall as their lab.

My first job post Fayetteville was at Holiday Inn University.
I was like a kid in a toy store. It was an amazing place and I did enjoy meeting a gentleman named Kemmons Wilson. At a shindig held at his home, I discovered I HATE REALLY HATE raw oysters. Like, run to the bathroom to upchuck.
I met some truly gifted people and slowly realized I was
swimming with sharks. Memories of missed opportunities.

Must be Cajun for corn dog