This OL group not as good as last yrs

I’m kind of surprised we did not bring in the same kind of quality as last yea.I think Covid probably had a lot to do with it .I don’t think this group we’re bringing in now is nearly and good as last year. I think we Wells and Carson have some potential but the big kid is pretty much a project to me kind of like Nwanna was… I may be wrong but none of these these really had many big-time offers… Time will tell but appears we may have dropped the ball a little with this group.

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Maybe they need to hire you. I’m sure you could do better. Recruiting is so easy in the SEC!

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Didn’t say anything about I could do better just opined that these guys were not recruited as heavy as last yrs.nice cheap shot.

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I totally trust Coach Pittman’s judgement for lineman, he has a proven track record here. We’re probably in a little better place this year and could afford to reach a little.

Wells looks like the real deal to me on video. He might compete for playing time sooner than later.

Carson has the frame. I’m not sure of the level of competition he played against looking at the tape, but he has the size.

Coach Pittman said he loved watching Devon Manuel play basketball because of his athleticism. Coach Pitt admitted he may be a project at this time, but some of your best lines in college are guys that had to redshirt and work before getting a shot.

Last thing, Coach has said we’re not done. He wants to add 2 more.


Yes I do think we will bring in a couple transfers so could look a lot different before next yr.

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How on Earth do you know that before they ever play a snap?. Not saying you’re wrong but how do you know that as a matter of fact? Rankings?

I think Pittman has proven he can evaluate and develop OL talent. It’s kinda like when we had Petrino. I knew when he was there we would have productive QBs and WRs.


I can tell by the eye test and by the offers they had and I guarantee you Sam knows that but would never say it… I Hope all 3 can play but IMO the 3 last yr have more potential. Time will tell

Exactly, and time will tell just how good your eyes are.

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I’m fine with that,i like these guys but not as much as the ones last yr.i think Wells and Curry are about even but Henderson and St John are mainly who Im talking about having more potential.

Youda - sometimes the truth hurts…

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It seems pretty clear that we were not able to get the big dogs on campus, or get out to see them on their turf, and we had to go with what we had. “Bird in the hand” theory, here. The transfer portal comes with game tape of most of the players. We couldn’t chase long-term prospects with more of the same - these guys will need time in the system and signing 1-2 more just like them doesn’t fix it. An instant upgrade at 1-2 spots will allow these three to mature at a more normal pace.

That’s what I think too, Covid was a big reason for it

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Okla, you may be right, but I’ll give you a “glass half full” version of our current 3 OL commits.

I’m not a coach and I have no idea how to watch tape and discuss “bend, hip explosion” and all that stuff the Youda and RD talk about.

But…I believe our HC and our OL coach do know all that stuff, and more. They clearly understand that our roster is depleted, and that OL is a vital piece of a successful program. I don’t think they’d spend 3 shollies just to fill numbers

Wells looks like a stud to me. has size and still looks “lean”. by all accounts a great character and mature, has a 4.0. I think he could start for lots of SEC teams for 2-3 years.

Carson-lean still, but CSP says he’s bigger than Ragnow. we’ll have to see how he does.

Devon Manuel is HUUUUGGGE. raw, but that means he has fewer bad habits to be unlearned. has been more of a basketball player, so should have good feet and athleticism. exciting prospect to me. not a guy you’d expect to be able to start as a true frosh, but who is (Shawn andrews doesn’t even count, God just doesn’t make many of him)? can’t wait to see this guy in his RS frosh year.

And this is the early signing period. not a time to “reach”, or plan C, or whatever people say about kids that we have desperately grabbed in February under prior staffs. this staff wanted these 3 kids, offered early, kept them, and signed them early. I think that means something.

and like you guys said, we all expect to see a grad transfer in the mix.


The Arkansas kid, who signed early, which probably limited offers on him, but was a award winner at one the few combine opportunities during this unusual recruiting cycle and not sure how much exposure the others received, since camps and combines were restricted. All this said, this years recruiting cycle, while hopefully an aberration is not a great year for apples to apples comparisons. Going in a bit blind, I have to place my confidence in the fact that Pittman and Davis know what they are doing. Dangerous to look only at the numbers, sometimes they don’t say what one thinks they say.

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I’ll take Pittman’s judgement over your’s any day of the week.

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Well, Youda, it is still honeymoon time. Don’t bring any bad news or real information on here. You will get attacked.

Youdaman has always given his knowledgeable opinion on here, especially about offensive line play. He is giving us news we might not like to hear, but it is a valued opinion. We had a solid class, but maybe Youda is right in that the offensive lineman recruiting did not go well.


If Pittman and Davis are happy, then I am as well. These 2 coaches have discernable track records at P5 level. I’m happy to read opinions here, but I alone assign credibility to them. Thx for expressing your thoughts You. I’m with the coaches here and they seem to have a plan.

They look like red shirt candidates to me. give them a year on the weights and table , then we will see.

That’s where you want to be, redshirting linemen for a year so they can get bigger and stronger and not have to immediately play unless you get a 5* stud who’s already SEC ready and those are few and far between. I’m not naysaying Youda just saying that I’m going to give Pittman the benefit of the doubt when it comes to OL

No doubt most on this board can evaluate talent better than myself, honestly I don’t even try. But I’m fairly confident that when our coaches start offering scholarships, they have done their homework the best they can before they make offers. But, the ones that accept the scholarship may not be the most elite that was offered. I say all of this to get to this point, if our OL recruits are not as good as last year, it’s not necessarily a reflection of their ability to evaluate talent, just simply may be the best that we accept our scholarship.