This Ohio State Story Won't Go Away

As long as reporters keep digging–and they just may–Urban Meyer may not be safe. Enough dirt will eventually topple anyone, even the great ones. He may survive this one, but can he survive the next one or the next one or the next one?

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Story doesn’t implicate Meyer but stories like this usually have legs. Whether this one has long enough legs to reach the head coach in a substantial way (as in firing or stepping down) has yet to be determined, but make no mistake, his legacy has been tarnished and looks worse with every such story.

The only person that can get rid of Meyer is when Urban decides to do something else… he will not be fired.

Oh, if the tOSU board of trustees gets fed up with the stream of negative publicity, he can be fired. Remember what happened to Jeff Long here. BOT wanted him out, he’s out.

Just Googled their BOT. One of the board members is CBS hoops analyst Clark Kellogg, he of “value the orange” fame. Also interesting to me is that the BOT includes student representatives, both undergraduate and graduate. Apparently the student trustees have full voting rights. I like that idea. Dunno how UA could do that, though, since our BOT covers the entire UA system while tOSU only has one, very large campus. If you appointed two Fedvul students, UALR would scream bloody murder. And vice versa, probably.

Amended: tOSU does operate five other regional campuses, but they are not considered separate institutions as UALR, UAM and the other branch schools here are. Total enrollment at the five regional campuses is only about 7,000 students anyway. OSU,C definitely runs the show.

And right on cue, a tOSU trustee resigns because he didn’t like Urban’s skimpy punishment.

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Depends on what else comes out. OSU is under a lot of pressure PR wise and more fuel to the fire may force their hand.

How many commitments have backed out?

It was interesting to learn that Zach Smith’s strip club buddy was Tom Herman.