This officiating is horrible

They’ve blown several calls already and first half isn’t even over. They are really making this a boring game as well.

All the guards have to do is drive in and flop - 1000% chance they’re calling a foul tonight.

It’s beyond horrible. Every so often you get an officiating crew that feels like they need to be the center of attention. And this is what this crew is doing. If you want to be 100% by the book you can call a foul on almost every play. There’s always going to be somebody grabbing, pushing, people getting tangled up etc. The thing you look for and call is the blatant stuff, not every little thing like this crew is doing. This was suppose to be a fun and fast paced game with two high scoring teams and the refs took that away.

Sounds like the refs are getting practice for games that feature Kentucky and other blue bloods.

LOL, Well said.

What conference were they from? If sec officials then that worries me. Pitiful and no flow to game

Game had no rhythm thanks to the refs.

Good practice for 18 SEC games. Zebras already in midseason form.

If this was a football crew would there be holding on every snap?

More like a false start on every snap

I’m just proud it’s basketball season. We know we have to beat the refs in addition to the opponent. Nothing has changed.

BTW in a game like that in which we are in the bonus for half of it, Macon has to get to the line more than once. He had 4 FTAs, and two were after the game was decided. Fresno was determined to take him away. He’s got to force the issue when they run a big at him and are calling fouls for bad breath. He knows how to draw those types of fouls. He was masterful against Texas last year.

Well, this was a case of where we were the beneficiaries of the foul calls. Like them or not, we won at the foul line tonight. Fresno State was called for 8 more fouls than we were and we made 16 more foul shots. Even with that, had they not shot 60% from the foul line, this one could have been much closer than it should have been. I don’t know whether we let off the gas in the last three minutes, but they made it interesting. I’m also glad Williams fouled out. He played very well for them.

Agree. Macon could have had at least 10 from the line if he had pushed it.