This officiating crew is horrendous

Story just got clubbed to the face but amazing no call this time they have missed all kind of holding calls against Bama they don’t need any help yet they continue to get it it’s an absolute embarrassment.

I’m a graduate from the University of Alabama (not by choice, just bc out of state tuition was too much for me to leave Tuscaloosa), but I can honestly say it’s disgraceful the calls they get. The non-calls, the overturned reviews, the missed holding calls. And would you believe that Alabama fans are saying that THEY are the ones that are getting terrible calls against them? The Alabama bias is real. And it makes me want to PUKE.

I’m afraid blind officials would not have mattered in this game.

No, it would not have mattered, but the SEC officials always protect the Tide. It is frustrating and not ethical. The SEC is like the NBA…they protect their own…the best.

A quadrillion times this.

A quadrillion times this.

I don’t think there is any doubt that the SEC has bias in its officiating with its Marquee programs in the two big money sports.
The SEC wants it’s traditional powers to have as unblemished records as possible in order to get them into the college football playoff and the best seed possible in basketballs March Madness.
What is sad is that most years during the last decade neither Alabama (Football) or Kentucky (Basketball) actually need any help from officiating crews, but they get it nevertheless and that’s an embarrassment.
That’s why I’m not a fan that would ever chant SEC-SEC, because I could care less about any other school in the conference and I’m quite certain if we happened to win a National Championship in either of the two major sports the fans of other SEC schools would give a crap.
Remember back to how the officials years ago absolutely robbed the Razorbacks of a victory against the Florida Gators at the swamp. Those types of things can’t be forgotten or ever forgiven and it tells you what is wrong with the SEC at its highest levels.
All schools aren’t thought of or treated the same and I doubt that will ever change.

Go Hogs!

So some of you are saying the officials are told by the SEC to make calls that favor certain teams? And the officials agree.

Alabama really doesn’t need help from the zebras, but they get it anyway. Always have.

I don’t think that anyone is saying the league office is instructing the officials to cheat for Bama. I think what most anyone with 2 eyeballs and a brain are saying is that Bama is really, really good but they they get away with murder.

They don’t need the help. Does it matter? Maybe so. Would we have won? No. But if you lose by 2 TDS instead of 5, maybe the perception of your program starts to change.

Maybe some of the recruits have a little more belief. Maybe the networks do a little less King-maintaining.

And, more than anything, it’s really about fundamental fairness. I can see missing calls here or there. It happens.

But, when crazy, blatantly unfair stuff happens over and over again, it’s just not right.

We lost a big game last week vs TAMU partially on 2 hands to the face calls (one VERY phantom/weak).

Then, today, with a little momentum, our best DL gets supplexed right in front of the ref for all the world to see.

It was a hold AND a hands to the face.

The play before that we lost a turnover on the most phantom of replay reversals. It’s just garbage and it’s high time people start calling it out.

I was glad to see some national media doing so.

It’s not why we lost but it’s also BS that needs to stop.

Boyd appeared to have been targeted on a long run early in the game. Not even a thought of taking another look at it.

“appeared to have been targeted”, what a diplomatic way of saying the defender lowered his head, led with the crown of his helment to the face of a RB falling out of bounds.

Yeah, that got me going also


And, once again, that’s not the freaking point.

It’s vs Bama - not going to happen

There are a number of studies out there that measure Offical : referee performance in regards to ranking and branding of the teams they officiate

trends are that highly ranked teams are protected subconsciously because of brand and ranking

There is other studies used by high roller gamblers that look at the officiant team in detail such as likly hood of an Auburn Allum calling against Bama (evidently played a roll in Ark 1995 victory over Bama)

There is bias - it’s subconscious and you have to deal with it until you build your brand

Arkansas has no real brand that demands respect- it must be earned

There is hope - what I saw today was s vastly improved Arkansas

Just Win - build the brand - it will be ok

There is bias - building brand and winning will fix a lot of it

I wonder if there is Referee fear of what Bama fans will do to thief live oak trees if they make a call against Bama that influences the game

Remember the crew where Danny Fords Razorbacks defeated Bama the first time?

What ever happened to them?

Still missing. :lol:

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Our linemen need to learn this technique. Apparently, its legal. :shock:

IMO a lot of missed calls are the result of general rule changes over the last 50 or so years which were mostly made to increase the passing game. In my day if a lineman had his hands more than a couple of inches away from his chest would be called for illegal use of hands. In those days you blocked with your shoulders or body but never, ever extended your hands or it would be called. Also in those days a receiver could be hit anywhere on the field as long as the ball had not left the passers hands. But those days are as old as the Single Wing and Notre Dame Box were in my day. Even in the NFL today, holding is not called most of the time.

Wow! What more proof do the doubters need that the Tide gets preferential treatment from the Zebes?

Yea that was obvious & maybe this clip should be sent to the league office.
But if thevrefs called holding on that play it would have spoiled the TD pass Tua threw on that play.