This "non fumble" call reminds me of this screwing against S. Carolina in 2004

In case my attempt at posting the video at the correct time fails, just move the cursor ahead to the 11:40 mark for our kickoff to Carolina after an opening TD we scored on them.

The situation is a short kickoff, and the upman signals for a fair catch. But it goes right through his arms, and bounces off the turf directly into the arms of an Arkansas defender - immediately. We should have the ball on the Carolina 30 (or whatever yard line it was). But the ref anticipated the fair catch and blew the whistle right after the catch should have (but did not) take place. So the ruling was we had to kick over.

After the play (a minute or two, after they re-kick), they replay it with sound and i think our guy recovered at least simultaneous with the whistle, if not a mili-second before the whistle. Absolutely should have been our ball.

We ended up losing by 3.

Similar to the poor officiating that cost us the win yesterday.
So tired of it!


(Yes, board software, it is a complete sentence. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I thought of that same play. Thanks for sharing; it was egregious.

Seems like there was a play in Gainesville against Florida during the Bielema tenure. Gator PR muffed a punt directly into the hands of a Hog, but they made up some lame excuse about denying the opportunity for a fair catch because we caught the muff in the air and gave it back to Florida.

Brooks Ellis I think was the recipient of the muffed punt fair catch.

Yes - I remember it well. Ball was bobbled and almost "handed’ to our cover guy, who gratefully accepted it.

But in that case, as frustrating as it is, I can somewhat see that when a fair-catch is called, the ball isn’t live unless the ball is dropped and hits the ground…which did not happen in that situation. Had he not called for the fair catch, it should have been our ball and I believe it would have been.

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