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With the recent SCOTUS Ruling regarding the NCAA and Athletes now being able to make money, a few questions will need to be asked and worked out. With Football and Basketball players more than likely getting the bulk of the offers, how does this effect Title Nine? And with the bulk of the offers going to Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Receivers, how will this effect the atmosphere in the locker room? And within a few years, we will see the first Million Dollar Freshmen, how will this effect them? Who will be there to keep them out of trouble? How will this effect thier Teammates? The NCAA is effectively dead. Amateurism is dead. The old cheaters will open up thier wallets even more. I suggest, in order to not only compete, but survive, we do the same.

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Outside of the rapper’s son getting a deal, the top two, actually 3, are a pair of twin lady basketball players from Fresno St, and a gymnast from LSU.

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When does it drop down to high school? Nothing good will happen in regards to cheating. It will be easier than ever along with transfer rules to do rentals. OU can now offer nil deals to come to Norman. Anyone who thinks it’s not headed that way is naive.

What a recruiting advantage! “Son, we’ve lined up Mercedes for you “

I think the ones who will benefit the most from this are attractive female athletes, and I think we all know why.

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For me, it’s not about what’s in place, now, it’s about the (not really) plausible deniability it gives schools and boosters to line the pockets of recruits/players and get continued recruiting advantages as blue bloods.

The NCAA had no interest in policing this stuff, before. It’s going be the Wild, Wild West, now, and with history as an indicator, I see no way it does anything other than hurt us in the SEC.

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The best way to approach this is to just continue loving and supporting the Razorbacks. Some kids will make money, most will not. But that’s OK. Arkansas is not a great football program regardless, but we should all support them win or lose. It’s disappointing that they are relegated to third or fourth tier in the SEC in football, but that’s just the way it is. They can have some good years, but it’s going to be a struggle. Basketball and baseball are different. Both of those programs are quite good and have a proven history. This football thing is going to be really tough to work out. But let all the players try to make some money, and maybe we can have a few good football seasons. Sure hope so. Let’s not dwell on the money thing. Let the chips fall with where they may. They would fall pretty much the same in any event.


What does “line the pockets of boosters” even mean? Things change. I think this gives us a leg up in the SEC. We are still the only game in town in this state, and there are more millionaires per capita in NWA than any other region of the country. Wal Mart still requires their vendors to have offices here. Personally, I think this is gonna more than level the playing field for the U of A. We may be a small state, but there is an absurd amount of money here in NWA. The sky is not falling.

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Obviously meant to say recruits/players. Thanks.

Can you even imagine how much money Kopps could have made off of “call the Kopps” if this had passed 6 months ago? As it is, he’s probably too old to ever see a big MLB contract, and that’s a shame. He deserved better.

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It doesn’t. But I suspect the bulk of the offers won’t be to football or basketball players

Interesting. Most people I’ve listen to and read disagree. Arkansas is mentioned as the team in the SEC most likely to flourish. I guess we’ll see.

So what if it is? Seriously. Why should I care if Program X offers money to a recruit to go to Program X’s school to play sports?

I’m really struggling to find a victim here

If all one is considering is the kids who get paid, it may look one way, but if one considers the kids whose lives were enhanced by the opportunity that a college scholarship and education provide, it might look another way. What happens if the impact of money wars is schools dropping sports because they cannot keep up? Some may also feel that too much money has changed their feelings about professional sports and fear similar changes on the college level.

While increased stipends and more financial support to athletes seems equitable, opening up to the Wild West seems ripe for problems. I know that the NCAA is less than unbiased and effective but having some control and a semi level playing field seems like something worth having in my opinion.

In summary, I do not see this as simple or benign as you seem to see it. I guess time will tell, but I am concerned.

Why would the money not keep up? The SEC is signing a monster contract with ESPN. Live programming is going to become more and more valuable as the number of cord cutters increases.

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Been following the comments. Many valid points on both sides. I would say that Arkansas will either flourish or continue to lag behind by thier response to this New Normal. Will the University take advantage and allow local and national businesses to do what they have been doing at other schools for decades under the table, or will the University listen to the stuff shirt Old Guard and continue to virtue signal and be more stringent with businesses and fall further behind. In my opinion, we should take every advantage of this new normal and push the envelope too. One of the many reasons Arkansas has not been a very good Football Program, is that we have been recruiting blindfolded and with one hand tied behind our backs. As I said earlier, the NCAA is Dead. No need to fear thier wrath anymore.

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Can you imagine the number of T shirts sold in Wal Mart with that image and phrase. Kevin would have done very well. I say Arkansas embrace and run with hit. We have the worlds largest retailer in our back yard.

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Somebody was selling Call the Kopps shirts with the K backwards. Saw several in the stands during the regional and super. Would have been nice if he could legally have profited from that. Hopefully now that person is giving KK a cut of that revenue.

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That is a great post, Keith… Well thought out and reasoned.

I envision Arkansas getting left in the dust with these changes. We have never invested in our programs to the level of the other schools in the SEC. Most of them cheated like crazy when it was legal, so I expect the payments to ramp up at these schools while a conservative school and fan base like ours gets run over.

Paying players is going to lessen the passion for our programs. These are not college sports any more, and many of us will not look upon these times as good for college football.

Exactly how is it going to lessen the passion? Are you really that offended that Trey Knox and his dog are going to get paid a few thousand? Give me a freaking break. His new source of income does not affect you in any way other than ruffling your feathers. Free agency was going to destroy baseball too. Except that it didn’t.

Some people don’t like anything to change, ever. I get that, although I don’t share it. But in a year or two this will be the new normal and the baseline from which people in the future will be objecting to change.