This new board forums design is not an improvement

in my opinion. Here are my reasons I say this:

  1. When you go to the insider forums to read posts and to make your own posts it looks like a cartoon. It does not look organized and pleasing to the eye as the old board was. It has a pink border at the top. Pink? Really? It looked much better when each poster had his own block. It was easier to read and to scan.

  2. When I put my cursor on a thread…it doesn’t give me a sentence or two to see if I want to continue reading…I have to click and then start reading. This slows me down from reviewing posts and responses.

  3. I haven’t been able to use my computer to see the site since the change of the site. I have to use my work computer to do this. Also, I get replies to my posts that come to my personal e-mail. The tech people have not been able to resolve the issue.

I agree for the most part. It isn’t the end of the world and I am not leaving over it, but I liked the look and feel of the old board better. I really miss the “hover over” feature of the old board. Also, I just turned off the email notifications function.

I assumed being old and grouchy was my problem, but maybe not entirely.

However, there have been a couple things I did not like that I have learned to use better and since I am not on social sites I do not know what others liike, but I do have to learn a lot about the new format. For instance I hated being put on the bottom of topics but have learned in a busy topic it is nice. I will reserve judgement untilI I learn a little more about using the site.

I get the resistance to “change” response from those that instigate the change to begin with but this new board is a step in the wrong direction on many fronts. Here we are knee deep in the football season and it appears to me there is less content than in times past. I know my posting is down (for many a comfort), and the board is the main reason why. It seems there is simply less personality to the format and not inviting which will have no bearing on any change for the better down the road I’m sure.

Most of us already knew that :wink::rofl:

fraid so.

I’m an old fart that likes the changes.

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I too am a senior citizen and don’t like nor dislike the new board. I am adapting because I bet it ain;t gonna change!

Agree with both! Nothing wrong but pink just isn’t me!

I’m not sure what pink border you are seeing. All of the trim shows up red on my computer and phone.

This is something that I hope to get corrected, but there is no guarantee.

I don’t know what to tell you about the computer, but you can control which emails you receive in your preferences.

We are doing our best to accommodate all of our users within reason. Not everyone is going to have the same preferences, so some are not going to like certain aspects of this board. I wish we could cater to everyone’s individual taste, but that’s not possible.

If there are functions that we have had in the past and can replicate, we’ll do it, but ultimately this is a new platform and there are going to be some alterations from past platforms we have used.

This format has grown on me, in particular when I’m using my phone. It is so much easier to navigate on a mobile device than the old one.

Message boards are changing rapidly. It was too fast for the platform we used from 2016-2019, so fast that they quit offering technical support. Scout had trouble keeping up with the message board technology, too. Our technical people believe this format has a lot of growth potential.

Biggest improvement would be to reinstate the ignore capability on posters. A second request would be to have an ignore function on threads. Would solve a lot of problems, particularly if you tracked who was being ignored the most.

I like both ideas

i’m getting used to following threads. and I can go back a page much easier.

but the personal emails are very annoying.

and the site is not aesthetically pleasing-it looks too blank. Looks like a 6th grader designed it. a 6th grade girl who loves pastels and polka dots and clean, orderly lines. A Spartan, 6th grade girl who like a very stark design, no clutter or background.

And this girl obviously has never heard of the Arkansas Razorbacks, has no idea of their color scheme or history.

But she mostly loves pastels and polka dots.

You can turn off the emails in your preferences.

thank you!

and you’re right, the site is much easier on an iPhone now, major improvement.

To edit your email preferences:

  • Click on your icon (for you the letter H in a circle) in the upper right corner.
  • Click on your user name at the top left of the drop-down
  • Click on Preferences (the gear icon) in the next window
  • Click on Emails to set your preferences

It’s not like we WANTED to change forum designs. There was no choice.

I’ve been down this road many times. You get used to something and then the latest phones, computer software no longer works because the platform was written for something else. If the company you bought from no longer is going to support something they designed, you have to leave it. We could not use something that had become terribly slow because of a lack of updates or without technical support.

You go from the cadilac to the edsel in a matter of 36 or 48 months. That happened at Rivals, Scout and about any other company that used forums. They just get outdated and you have to move on.



Can’t please everyone all the time. If so, my wife and kids would adore me as much as my dog does.

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“Change? I don’t like change. Change isn’t good. They say it is, but it’s not.”
----- Sheldon Cooper, Big Bang Theory

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