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“For someone the likes of Kevin Sumlin to get paid 100 percent of his contract, $10 million, I think that was a mistake,” Arkansas Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek said Wednesday at his introductory news conference." Now this is pure racism…you mean to tell me that out of all the fired coaches that have received bigger payouts, including the immediate past Hawgs’ HC…that this new ad just had to bring up the African American head coach who coached a Heisman winner, a No. 1 NFL draft pick and have won more SEC games than B in the years B was at the helm. Why was the media throwing out the AD at Tulsa? I never believed that for one second…no way Arkansas would do that…you know, hire the likes of that Tulsa AD…but the likes of this AD, all the players of color should go elsewhere. Because the likes of him, he will fire Anderson even if he made it to the NCAA Championship game…he would site that a change is needed due to the fact that he didn’t win it. Good Grief…the likes of this guy has turned me off on this team…can we not even get a break in collegiate sports? Predict he will be gone in 1.5 years…too racist even for Arkansas…

Maybe you should post the entire quote before you start trying to stir something up to fit an agenda.

"For someone the likes of Kevin Sumlin to get paid 100 percent of his contract, $10 million, I think that was a mistake. I’m not at Texas A&M. I know they’re in this conference and we compete with them, and they’ll probably hold that against me for telling you that.
“But that’s a mistake in our industry. It’s not a sustainable model moving forward.”

"We’ve got to get a handle on coaches contracts and the buyouts.
"To me, losing football games is being terminated with cause. The protection sometimes that coaches are provided within their contracts to me is ludicrous. I want to be a leader in this industry in how we write our coaches contracts moving forward so that there’s not 100 percent guaranteed protection for their contracts.
“Yes, coaches need some protection. They are moving their families to a community, the expectations are so incredibly high, especially in this conference and the Power 5. The coaches deserve some protection.”

Holy ****

This is such a bizarre post I am almost speechless.

If you can read racism into anything he said then you are the one who has a racist agenda.

Sumlin is the only one who got his buyout up front. No other contract was written that way. That’s why He singled out the Aggies.

Obviously jfuture wanted Gragg for the AD spot. Fair enough. But the rest of the post is nonsense. Wow.

Come on dude. I’d like to think I’m as liberal and progressive as anyone, but your post is entirely inaccurate and inflammatory. Reckless really. Let’s try to unite behind the new AD and coach and give them a chance. This is what needs to happen.


I have several good friends that are black and this sounds just like a lot of talk from the left. This is why we have a lot of the problems we have,

Sounds like he has a worse seat than Bob Uecker, don’t think he can even see the field.

I liked the idea that Derrick Gragg was an African American and thought that would be a good hire for Arkansas if he turned out to be the most qualified. But, the one they did hire seems really sharp with a lot of experience managing big construction in a big market school. I hear it was close between the two but the ex-Houston AD seemed the better fit than the ex-Arkansas assistant AD and present Tulsa-AD. Could racism have been a factor? Since there is a lot of racism both ways in the world still, there are probably some folks who would favor a black candidate even if he is less qualified (like you) and some who would do the same for a white candidate. I hope that racism either way was not a factor but don’t know. A&M paying all of the balance of the contract in one lump sum IS a new extreme in coaching contract buyouts. The fact that coach was black should make no difference in the pointing that out. That buyout is a big step up from Bielema’s or any other coach’s buyout white or black (like Charlie Strong for instance) that I am aware of. Taking that statement and claiming he is “…too racist even for Arkansas…” sounds like someone with an agenda making a big stretch to try and push that agenda. Hope I’m wrong. I will look forward to your future posts on the board to see if they are about sports or about bizzare assumptions of racism. JMVVVVHO

What I can tell you from interacting with Chancellor Steinmetz and looking at the University staff, faculty and student body is the man doesn’t have a racist bone in his body. I believe him that he made a recommendation and it was endorsed. Let’s unite, not divide our fan base in these early days.

That post is stupid and dumb.

Oh Jesus Christ, give me a break.

The only racism I see here is you pointing out that Sumlin is different by calling him an African American. To most of us, Americans are Americans, don’t need no stinkin’ modifiers!

Troll move along

The Founding Fathers were very intentional about providing and protecting free speech, however I suspect they would be disappointed that some (like the original poster) don’t understand the implied responsibility that goes with this freedom to keep ones’ mouth shut when we have nothing to say. Sad that someone can dig so deep through others’ innocent words to find something to make dirty.

I knew exactly what HY was talking about with that quote. He was critical of the Aggies for giving KS the whole buyout without mitigation. Nobody else has written a coaching contract like that. Kind of an Aggie move. Dunno if Sexton represents Sumlin, but that’s the kind of thing an agent asks for and expects an immediate no. Somehow A&M agreed to it. And it’s gonna cost them.

This says it all.

You fellas notice he has 10 post and hasn’t chimed back in since the record was set straight. He has not interest in the truth, just his own. Remember that in his future posts.