This might factor in? Coaching scared carried over?

Regarding Ty Storey, I have no idea why he did not get a chance today. There has to be more to this story. We certainly needed to try something/anything. Ty hit some passes that were wide open versus the horrible defensive secondary of Eastern Illinois. I suspected Colorado State would have better coverage in the secondary and they did. In the Colorado State game, IMO, the coaching staff coached scared by not going for the fourth down when the ground game was working very well. IMO, poor feel for the game. Coaches who coach scared produce players who play scared and doubt themselves. However, I am not going to let that decision define our coaching staff. What also puzzled me in that CSU game was that we abandoned the running game.

I think the players, in the back of their minds, feel like the coaching staff has no confidence in them. If that is true, that is not good. We obviously need a big infusion from recruiting. LOW TO NO CLASS on the part of the fans who booed Cole Kelley. CCM’s system obviously does not fit his skill set. Today’s game is difficult to even comprehend. We cannot run block/pass block or complete a tough pass. The kind of a loss we had today could have a snowball effect and I anticipate this hole is going to get a lot deeper. I cannot tell if we are that bad, but our coaches need to try and establish something/anything that will work on offense. And for that matter on defense. We got beat four times over the top when we were in cover two. Cannot give up that many big plays on defense and have 6 interceptions and be in any game. LSU beats Auburn at Auburn and now we head to Auburn. We are going to be a 40 point dog in conference play. Then Bama comes to town and we will be a huge underdog and we do not have the athletes to play with Texas A and M. Hoping we figure something out as the kind of loss we had today will certainly hurt recruiting any way you look at it. Hang in there with me Hog fans knowing this is going to be a long long year. Hoping I am wrong. Please reply.