This might explain why the Big Ten shut down

The Cleveland Clinic, a highly regarded hospital/healthcare organization in (duh) Cleveland, is part of the Big Ten medical advisory team on COVID-19. They prepared a report for the conference that showed among 100 patients who had recovered from COVID-19, 78 of them had clear clinical evidence of heart damage, including elevated troponin levels and MRI results showing cardiac muscle injury.

Troponin is the first blood test they do if they think you’ve had a heart attack, because heart muscle injury releases troponin. Average time between COVID infection and the MRI/troponin tests was 71 days. Troponin levels after a heart attack aren’t elevated for nearly that long (more like 14 days).

Some of those 100 people had no symptoms at all from the virus. These were not all young athletes, but age didn’t seem to matter as to whether they had heart issues. Take-home message, it seems, is that any positive test requires caution and evaluation for heart damage following the quarantine, etc.

That is scary information.
I wonder if the findings are considered
permanent, it may be too early to make a
determination on that but the results of
this study are disconcerting.

Since exercise-induced dehydration can cause increased levels of troponin, wouldn’t it seem reasonable that the football players would show increased troponin when tested? Especially since they are currently undergoing extreme exercising regimens on a daily basis getting ready for football.

You’re missing the point here. This study is not athletes. It’s people of all ages (median age 48 IIRC) who had the virus and recovered, some almost three months ago. Yet their troponin is still high, and it ain’t dehydration. And MRI results are even more suggestive of heart damage than troponin level is. Young, strong athletes may not have discernible symptoms and recover from the virus, but they may still have heart issues. Six Big Ten athletes are already known to have post-COVID myocarditis. So does the Red Sox pitcher who shut down a week or so back.

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