This may...

Have just become a real rivalry.

Moments later Jonathan Nance commits as well.

You can guarantee mizzou used Nance, a disgruntled ex player who couldn’t find the field to recruit against us.

I hope we kick their ass

Good point.

I’d say in basketball it is already a rivalry, but yeah, with Mizzou smack talk in the past and now this, it might actually turn into one. But we also need to win to make it a rivalry.

Is that our upperclassmen are just too soft.

Many are on twitter congratulating Nance and doing the bro love blah blah. Soft.

Ex player transfers to a “rival” school, you tell him you’ll see him next year.

In fact, a former player just tweeted that things like what I just mentioned are the difference between these upperclassmen, and when he was.
The old players wouldn’t have this.

Bret’s reggae attitude is too deeply woven in them