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,if so, I apologize. If the season is cancelled and also not played in the Spring, I assume everyone gets an extra year of eligibility. Wouldn’t that require the NCAA expanding scholarship limits in view of all the incoming freshmen for Fall 2021?
Now you’d have 120 on full rides, creating less opportunities for playing time and further straining budgets.

They’re letting baseball players who lost the 2020 season have another year and adjusting limits accordingly. Some people aren’t going to stick around. They’ll enter the NFL draft, or leave school, or transfer, or whatever, just as some baseball players left anyway. So I don’t know how much adjustment will occur.

As I understand it, players can keep their eligibility & scholarships. At least that’s what I recall from NCAA guidelines on any player who wants to opt out this season. I’m sure they’d keep that in place. I don’t know what they’d do with the numbers crunch. My guess is the team could only keep 85 on the team, but still allow others to stay on scholarship. Attrition will take care of much of it. The top players will probably still get drafted. Others will graduate & leave or just opt out of football. If they play in the spring, my guess is the spring will count as this season, even if they only play 4-5 games. Regardless, I don’t think anything has been decided.

It is going to be a mess, one way or another.

I am sure the schools that don’t play that can afford it will ask for a waiver of the scholarship limits so they can still sign players for the next class. The schools that do play are likely going to oppose any temporary scholarship increases.

Another probable consequence of not playing is that the number of grad transfer candidates will go through the roof.

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All good points

As I understand the baseball plan, they’re letting teams go over the 11.7 limit for one year only. Of course baseball can adjust how much money each player gets, down to the minimum of 25%. Football can’t; it’s full ride or nothing.

Plan A for now is to play football in the spring, at least for the MAC and Big Ten. For us, Plan A is to play this fall. But if their Plan A/our Plan B doesn’t happen, some decisions will have to be made on the fly. Like everything else that’s happened since March 11.

If the SEC/ACC plays in the fall, the Big Ten and others are going to be under real pressure to play in the spring, for several reasons-roster management, need for exposure-try to make the fan base a little less unhappy.

You would really have to wonder if any kid with hopes/expectations would play spring football right before the NFL draft.

Unlikely. Any kid who thinks he’s going in the first four rounds isn’t going to play. And there will be some kids who think they’re going in 1-4 who aren’t,


All of this is related to the previous post about the ramifications if no P5 Football this season. The ripple effect is huge.


The real issue in baseball wasn’t the seniors. Very few were on scholarship. No seniors had athletic aid at Arkansas. It’s the juniors like Casey Opitz not getting drafted that caused log jams for scholarships - and playing time. The Hogs lost two grad transfer catchers when Opitz came back.

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