This may be a dumb question but

I’m still gonna ask it. Can Chandler Morris stay at home overnight while on a recruiting visit? :smiley:

He and Coach Morris can do anything that a normal father-son would.

Since young Morris is on an unofficial visit (he isn’t eligible for an official visit yet) of course he can stay at his Father’s home.

When, if he ever takes an official visit to Arkansas, he will be require to go through same procedure as all other recruits on an official visit. That be the UA paying for lodging, meals and transportation. Otherwise he would be receiving special treatment.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question? Anyone should ask and should get an answer.

Not stupid. I asked a similar ? about this and the NCAA not long ago. It has to present some very unique situations.

Definitely not a dumb question, no such thing round here anyway.
This subject & situation has intrigued many on here.
Thanks for getting it cleared up for me when & how Chandler visits.

Richard, what is your opinion about Chandler playing for his father? I know it’s very early in the process, but being around both the coach and son, what is your guess?

I personally think it would be very tough and I probably wouldn’t do it. Things could potentially get ugly because some fans will think he’s playing Chandler because he’s his son. There’s no way of getting around it.

I’m getting a mental picture of future posts on this board after a loss/bad game by CM’s. :sunglasses:


I am trying to think of Power Five head football coaches whose son’s were high caliber recruits and they did not choose to play for their father. I am sure there are some but I can’t remember them.

Any QBs? Much easier playing elsewhere.

Yea the scrutiny of playing for your father at any Major P-5 program could be magnified 100 times and every move micro analized.
Let’s hope Chandler doesn’t pick Dads alma-mater or any program in the SEC.
Clemson sounds logical, be about the time Lawrence turns pro.