This Masters finish is a good one...

It’s been a lot of fun to watch Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia go at it.

Was pulling for Sergio. Glad to see him get one.

He has settled down as he got older. He wasn’t as easy to root for back in the day.

That’s what a good woman can do for you. Settle you down. Good for Sergio. I met him last fall in Austin at a Mexican restaurant. His lady friend is fine

I taped the final 9 and sat up until 11:00 pm to see the end. The DVR shut off just as Sergio was putting on the 18th. Ugh! I missed that putt and the playoff hole.
Glad for Sergio. The crowd was solidly behind him. He showed great maturity this week.

I’ve been a fan of Sergio since he chased that shot up the fairway at Medinah in the 1999 PGA Championship. I was glad to see him finally win a big one.

I was not a fan of Sergio as a young player. He was too much BS and most knew it. I did not like the chase down the fairway at the PGA as a pup. Mostly I rooted against him. As he’s aged and mellowed, I’ve pulled for him. I’ve seen him do interviews after blowing lead and he was whiny at times. He changed that a few years back. His duel (in a losing effort) at the end of the Ryder Cup was pretty fun to watch. Of course, I rooted for the US side in that one, but I respected the shot making produced by Sergio.

Getting away from Martina Hingis was a good thing for Sergio. Martina has ruined a couple of tennis careers that never recovered.

There are not many who can hit the shots like Sergio. He’s as good tee to green as anyone. He drives it straight and long and is a great iron shotmaker. His deal has always been the lack of ability to show touch on fast greens. He’s had the yips at times. That’s usually death at Augusta National. The other thing that has worked against him there, he generally works the ball left to right. There are many shots that require the other direction at Augusta. Now, there are a couple of holes that working it left to right works, but not on the holes of length. Those are right to left shots, along with a couple of par fours. Overall, these are the holes that you better have a right to left shot: 2, 5, 8, 9, 10, 13 and 15 and maybe some others.

the par on 13th changed everything

How about driver - 8 iron into 15, then sinking the putt. Impressive.

That’s what kept Lee Trevino from having much success at Augusta. I’ve always thought it was more in his head, though. I heard Jack Nicklaus talk about it one time. He said Lee told him his game just didn’t work there, and Jack said (paraphrasing) “Nonsense! You’re one of the top shot-makers in the world. You can play any course.” Jack went on to say that Trevino was the preeminent shot maker in his generation, and though he favored his patented fade, Lee was more than able to execute draws when he needed to.

I still think it was that Lee didn’t feel comfortable at Augusta - and I’m not talking about the course. Lee grew up in meager circumstances, and - especially in the early years of his success (which, for him, came in his late 20’s and early 30’s) - did not feel he belonged in the “country club” set. And, Augusta was - in the 1960’s and 70’s - about as “country club” and social status oriented as it got. Lee said more than once that he felt more comfortable talking to the folks in the kitchen than he did the members there.

I believe that changed over time, as Lee matured and became more familiar with success. But, by that time, he was past his golfing prime.

A real shame, because I think the lack of a green jacket is the only thing separating Trevino from being considered a top 5-10 golfer of all time by the golf world, which (IMO) he deserves.

By the way, one of my favorite true anecdotes from the PGA . . . … ond-floyd/

What Lee doesn’t mention in this telling of the story (I’ve read other similar accounts) is that he shot 64-64-64 in those three matches with Floyd (Ray lost by two strokes, one stroke, and then eagled the final hole on Sunday to shoot 63 and win by one when Lee’s birdie putt lipped out). Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that!

Learned interesting tidbits about Sergio’s fiancé in Wally’s column today. Angela Akins is daughter of former UT QB Marty Akins and she is also a cousin of Drew Brees.

Sergio lost me when he spit in the cup several years ago after a bad round of golf. He’s always lived down to his anointed “potential” and perhaps he has mellowed. The irony of Rose/Garcia is both are great ball strikers but have always had trouble consistently putting well especially on fast greens. That final pairing going back and fourth and subsequent Sergio win really came out of left field.

I had been rooting for Sergio…but on the CBS morning show he said he was now a Longhorn…He is Dead to me…

Since he has no prior connection to an American college, he has to go with his fiance’s school, especially since your future father-in-law is a former Longhorn QB.

Then that is one unfortunate thing that comes from his engagement…