This LSU @ aTm game is crazy

Ags throw what was thought to be an INT with a few seconds left, trailing by a TD. O gets doused in Gatorade and LSU coaches leave the upstairs coaching box. A review determines that Mond’s knee was down and aTm gets another shot. They make it down field and with 1 second left, score a TD to tie the game on a desperation pass.

Now after LSU has scored a field goal, there is a question as to whether the Ags fumbled.

Great game.

I hope they go 8 overtimes, cause I just love watching football.

8 overtimes and somehow both teams lose would be great.

A&M was short on that one first down. Surely the referee could ask for a measurement.

The Will to win is amazing to see when it’s stretched to the max, especially when two teams have it.

Incredible game.

Yes - there were several critical plays, and many key official rulings - most of them incorrect, and ALL of them in the Aggies’ favor (from the middle of the fourth quarter through the 7 OT’s). In many ways, it reminded me of the screw-job we got at Florida 8-9 years ago . . . the one that got the Curles crew suspended the next week. It was that bad and that one-sided.

But the “original sin”, as it were, was the play you referenced above. For clarification, especially for those that did not see, on the Aggies’ last second drive to tie the game, they faced a 4th and 17 around midfield (maybe the LSU 40-45). They completed a pass - however, the receiver who caught it went to the ground to catch it, and was clearly 1/2 yard or more SHORT of the line to gain. But for some inexplicable reason, neither the refs on the field, nor the replay officials thought to measure or review it. They just let play go on. Inexcusable in that situation.

However, crazy 'ol cajun Ed has to shoulder some of the blame as well. HE should have called time out and then demanded that they measure, which he had every right to do.

There were other bad calls during the multiple OT’s. But they never happen if that one play were simply reviewed - or, measured in the first place. I believe it was even spotted short (correctly) - but they signaled first down anyhow!

It’s amazing how A&M has somehow become the SEC’s new “fair haired child” in such a short time. They appear to be behind only Bama on the SEC deference (butt kissing) scale.

Poor officiating by the SEC crew. Use replay to kick several players out for targeting and give The Aggies the ball after the fumble was just plain cheating!
Short on a first down, time ran out and if time didn’t run out their Oline wasn’t set that would have ended the game. They got by with offensive pass interference as well
Typical poor officiating.

It was a Great SEC Football Game. Yes there were some Very Key Close Call’s by the Ref’s, but in important game’s that’s what it come’s down to a lot of the time’s.
Maybe one day the Pig’s can once again play a good game of SEC Conference Football.
Hopefully next year will be a lot better for the Razorback’s. I look for a really big shakeup on the Roster after this year.

Go Hog’s

The thought that I had about the SEC and their officials protecting the long time members over our Hogs was somewhat disproved last night. No, we still get lousy calls, but I guess the Aggies are the new fair hair darlings, with the treatment they got last night. It seems that the replay process was only used to find mistakes that benefit the Aggies. There were two situations that would have ended the game in overtime for LSU that I feel were missed, but worse than that they did not bother to review. On a long fourth down the Aggie receiver looked short of the line and it was not reviewed, seemed the Aggies knew as it looked like they raced to get next play run. The pass to the tight end was a fumble, and while the announcers implied it was looked at, it was not the normal review. The targeting was a call that looked to me could have gone either way, but by then it was obvious which way it would go.

The officials handed A&M that game.

Refs can do whatever they want whenever they want. Their impact to any game in any sport is equal to if not more so to any players or coach’s.

They are on the fields of play, apart of the games. Their particular calls are as impactful as an particular play.

Don’t believe the ole wise tale ‘ It all evens out’ in reference to good and bad callls by refs. It’s simply not a very wise tale because it’s false. This lie was coach speak from a coach that just won a game because of a terrible call decades and decades ago. People have been walking around with hooks in their mouths ever since. It’s a parrot tale. Sounds good but it’s a crock.

Guy tagged me with this after my post.

A whole lot of big money backers are all in for the Aggies.
Money talks loudly.

The game should have ended in regulation. It was shameful that it took the referees 6 hours of calls that obviously favored the home team to hand the game over to the Aggies. It was painful for fans to have to watch the same commercials over and over throughout 6 overtimes to see the inevitable outcome. Yes…it reminded me as well of a trip that year that we went to Florida with Curles’ crew officiating. LSU got robbed!!!

Can’t confirm that from the pic, and I haven’t seen a video replay either. However, assuming that is true, the LEAST the TV crew could do is make mention of that fact, at the next time out if now in real time. The director or producer (whatever TV calls it) in the truck had to see what we all saw, and should have mentioned it to the broadcast team.

The TV line was off. According to the official stats, A&M faced a fourth-and-18 from its own 39. That means the 43 of LSU was the line to gain. The guy clearly caught the ball at the LSU 41 for a 20-yard gain and first down. That was a bad SEC Network line. Now many calls after that seemed to go the Aggies’ way, but not that one.

As always, Hanlon’s razor applies here: Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence.

In other words, the officials weren’t out to screw LSU. They’re just really, really bad.

That game was all about Jimbo Fischer getting his signature win in the SEC. LSU really got the shaft.