This loss just as much on the offense as the D

Offense shut out in the 2nd half. Inexcusable offensive effort against the worst defense in the SEC. I take that back, the 2nd worst defense (to the Hogs).

1st and goal from the 7 with 1:30 left and we don’t even think about a running play?

For me, this is a worse loss than the Auburn loss. I didn’t think it was possible to play worse than we did at Auburn, but we accomplished that in the 2nd half today.

Bad week to be a Razorback sports fan. 1st, the basketball team plays a clunker of a game and loses big on the road. Then the football team follows that up with their worst 2nd half of the season and loses against the worst team in the SEC.

bad --I Agree on the loss being worse than Auburn

I agree, it was bad all the way around…

Personally that was the worst loss of BB tenure here