This looks like good news for some of you


Absolutely good news. Coke is THE REAL THING.

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Personally, I prefer Coke over Pepsi, but my waistline has forced me to put both of those on the shelf. I cannot tolerate Diet Coke, at all; the aftertaste is horrible. Diet Pepsi is slightly better but not much. Coke Zero is moderately okay but will it be available at the concession stands? I’ve been going with Diet Mountain Dew or Diet Dr Pepper at the stadium

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Pepsi over Coke any day. Dr pepper over both… Dr pepper no sugar is the best diet drink I’ve ever tried. Cherry Dr pepper no sugar is great as well

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Today is the first day of the fiscal year at the university. It was the day when the Pepsi/Coke changeover was planned.

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Coke over Pepsi any day (and Jeff is correct about the fact that I shouldn’t drink either). Pepsi is just Coke gone flat with extra sugar! Yuck! Will not drink it!


I’m a little surprised Coke didn’t mandate they use Powerade instead of Gatorade as the sports drink. I’m sure that they’ll have bottles of Powerade at the concession stands, and maybe even at the drink dispensers.

I’m happy. Coke Zero rocks. I’m also a coffee, tea addict. Both straight no sugar, crème or artificial sugar stuff. And I drink a lot of water. Coke Zero and Dr. Pepper Zero are my treat drinks.


Yeah I can’t drink any regular soda! There are around 17 packs of sugar in one 12 oz can of any of the leading sodas. I have been doing diet drinks so long when I do get the real deal I can only drink about four or five sips of it, it is so heavy in sugar that my body immediately goes into the WTH are you doing to me LOL.

Right now in my fridge I have caffeine-free Diet Mountain Dew, Diet Dr Pepper with caffeine, and Lipton bottled diet tea. And Shiner Bock for when I get wild and crazy (couldn’t find that in NC for a while, but now my local Walmart carries it). I buy Coke Zero, MD Zero or DP Zero occasionally to switch things up. And even the occasional Fresca, which always prompts me to quote Judge Smails in Caddyshack.

What’s good enough for other folks ain’t good enough for me and my RC.

Hey Mrs Pav, fetch me some of that Grapette.


Thank God!

Coke Zero for me all day

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Isn’t Dr Pepper just carbonated prune juice!!

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I challenge you to one week drink only DR Pepper and one week drink only prune juice.

I’d wager you will very easily be able to tell the difference. With the DR. Pepper you will end up spending much less time in “THE THINKER” pose than you will with the prune juice (carbonated or uncarbonated).



Grapette is still around, surprisingly. I’ve seen it at Walmart over here.

Mrs. Buzzard was in the Baylor Band in college, and Dr. Pepper either started in Waco or had some other close connection, so it was served all over campus. The band would get cups of the vile stuff after they marched at halftime of every home game.

LOL I have no idea where you got that from. I’ve never heard that. Whatever it is it taste good to me.

Was raised on RC cola! That and moon pies :smiley: that my old trusty friend Peter pan.As long as I had those three things going for me I was good to go!

Hopefully you’ve given up Moon Pies for Little Debbies……both headquartered in Chattanooga.

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