This kid will Never (Andrew Benintendi)

never forget this moment.

8/21/22 NOW which kid is it? The one in the right field stands or the one hitting??

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And add this punch

Andrew Benintendi sparked the Yankees from the jump in Game 1 of the Subway Series.

The outfielder went 2 for 3, opening the scoring after getting hit by a pitch as the Yankees’ first batter of the night and then drove in a pair of runs to pace a 4-2 win.


Yes Yes I’m still a Cards fan, but starting for the NY Yankees is top shelf also.

And boom game winner–3 games in a row for Andrew.

I was at the Yankees/Mets game last night. Had the pleasure of seeing Benintendi play live. He had a great game. James McCann played too.



I can’t understand why I’ve just fixated on Andrew. I almost posted that if anybody wanted to see me at the Kansas City game just go to the Bally game that covers the Royals. Sitting right behind home plate and right below the B on the screen for ever pitch I was with my son!!

Just a joke it was my brother-in-Law and his son. They have been after me to come watch the Royals. Their actual season tickets are half way up behind home plate. My brother-in-law told the head ticket man that he needed to experience the game and see if it was worth. (the money)

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