This kid quit BB with no regrets

There’s always talk of getting basketball kids to play football. Melvin is a poster child for this. … ers-201-1/

At 6-4 and over 300 pounds I think he made the right choice, unless he wanted to play the post for a small college. Would be interesting to see him set a screen.

There’s one kid that just finished HS that would’ve had 20-30 offers h=if he played football. There’s another in the 19 class that would have the same. Just hope the 19 kid gives it a try because he could play on Sundays.

I remember a kid that played high school ball with Khalil Garland, that looked like he could be a stud LT. Also heard he didn’t play football. I’m sure you’re familiar with him, I don’t remember his name. He was about 6’8 300 and very athletic.

I had a kid yrs ago I talked into coming out for FB his Sr yr.6’6 245 good speed and great hands but had always played BB.long story short he had a awesome season and had offers from UCLA Houston and a few more but chose Coastal Carolina because his 1st love was BB but a lot of kids could get better offers if they just played other sports and why I always encourage that.

So many of these guys think they can be Charles Barkley, when they ought to think about Antonio Gates, who got Stan Heath the Arkansas job and then became an all-pro TE.

I think you’re talking about Caleb Stokes, but I don’t think he was ever 6’8 300. More like 6’5-6’6 and at one time around 250 before shedding some weight. Does anyone know if he sever signed with anyone/