This just in: Purdue is REALLY good

Crushed Gonzaga and then Dook in the Phil Knight Legacy tournament. They held Dook to 1 point in the last 8 minutes.

Or, maybe Duke and Gonzaga were overrated? Can’t be, right?

Purdue does look good. Wonder how they would’ve fared in Maui?

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Meanwhile, across the street in Portland, Alabama and North Carolina are tied in the last minute…

Bama has called time with 25 seconds left to set up for the last shot.

OT. The SEC looks really stong this year. Wish St. Louis wouldve beat Auburn though.

Double OT for Bama/ Carolina. Please get this over, Bama. I wanna watch the Chiefs.

Purdue had a space alien at the 5. He’s from the plant Xarkon.

Same planet as Brazile?

Nah. Brazile’s planet is for people who can jump. Edey is just freaking huge.

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I’d post Edey’s picture but it would scare little children. They’re already terrified by Bacot.

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3OT. Both teams could screw up an iron ball.

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Miller for Bama is a nice player. Still dribbles too much. Move the damn ball! I hate iso basketball in college.

You think of Bama as a team with a little backcourt that shoots 3s. They actually have a huge frontline.

Bama fell apart late in OT2 and isn’t reassembling in OT3.

Walton must have left his herb home today. This is the most analysis from him in the last 5 years. Like the stoned Walton better.


Edey is a mountain of a human being.

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Walton actually challenged the concept of time in this game. Can’t make this s$%t up.

He’s what makes it fun Jeremy. OT 4?

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Bryce over threw his receiver there.

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What a game!

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Somebody will eventually make one less mistake than the other one. Maybe.

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