This just in: Hogs are SEC soccer champs. Again

Vandy beat Tennessee and Misery beat the Flopnecks tonight, so the Hogs have a six-point lead over everyone with two matches to play and the tiebreaker over both EOE and Missippi.

That’s three regular season titles in a row for Colby Hale and the ladies.


Three years in a row. Last year was a tie, wasn’t it? It is outright this year.

Arkansas has not won outright yet, but would with a win Sunday night at home. Arkansas shared with Texas A&M last year and was the No. 1 seed by virtue of its head-to-head win.

semantics Matt, we own tiebreaker over either of the two teams that could equal us in points. To me that is an outright title.

And everyone would be shocked if they lose to Moo U. Even a draw would clinch the outright title. But I’m expecting something like 3-0, 4-0. Moo U is not good, although they did beat the Aggies last night (boy, TAM went in the tank after being ranked top 10 in preseason).

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