This Just Can't Continue

First post on here in years. I’m a proud graduate of the U of A and a lifetime Razorback fan. Some of you Board old-timers may vaguely remember me as “LouisianaHog” from when I used to live near New Orleans. I enjoy the info and wisdom of Clay, Dudley the other Insiders and all of you. I’ve always thought it wiser to do far more listening than talking, but I’ve seen enough and need to vent and say my piece.

Folks, this train wreck just can’t continue and I don’t know how anyone could logically argue at this point that we do not need an immediate coaching change. I think Bret is a good person who cares about his players, and who has done his best. But it’s clear he just doesn’t have what it takes to win in the SEC. All the numbers from his time here - his conference win-loss total, his loss total while trailing at halftime, the rankings of his recruiting classes, the yards and points run up by our opponents, and others all bear that out. Numbers don’t lie.

We need to thank Bret for his sincere efforts, give him a fair negotiated buyout, and send him on his way with as much respect for him as such a situation will allow. The sooner this happens, the sooner our football program takes a real step in the right direction.

There, I’ve said my piece.

i think it will happen

Any delay in doing this only prolongs the agony and hurts the program long-term. Many people, including me, quit watching the NFL last year and, you know what, don’t miss it. Will apathy about the Hog football program cause the same result?

I don’t see it this week, but if they lose to Ole Miss Saturday that could be the trigger. A more likely scenario would be after the LSU game, if that confirms a losing record for the year.

The very earliest we could get any one hired who has a job on the D-I level and is not a position coach is the first week in December. It’s more likely that it will be the second week of December before a new coach is named, which makes it fairly likely that the early signing period is going to be a bust. The ugly reality is that we may not be able to get any one hired until after the December signing period, and in fact it may be after January 1st. And of course we are likely to lose several, if not most, of the current commits.

We are going to have to hope that the new coach can do more with BB’s players. In the mean time, I hope everyone will refrain from griping about the new guy’s recruiting until at least the 2019 class.

I’m afraid I agree. Nobody wanted to come to a different conclusion about him more than I do. He’s a good man who cares about his players, embraced the UA’s traditions & fans, and wanted to retire here. I love all that about him. I still hold out some faint hope he can win 4 more games, survive & somehow turn the program around, but I’m afraid the writing is on the wall.

I’m not at all for firing in mid-season. At least not in the sense of saying, “You’re fired. Leave today.” I’d say make the decision soon, let him know immediately, but ask him to coach through the last game. That’s the traditional method of firing a HC even though it seems to have been done differently lately.

I will add this, though. I’m not sure we’ll be a lot better off with a new coach. Like it or not, we’re about the middle of the SEC when it comes to resources. That means we’re in about the same position as SC. We’re not so far ahead of Ole Miss or MSU that we are likely to dominate them over the long haul. The upper end SEC schools can make coaching mistakes, get caught cheating, or something like that to cause them to fall below us for a time, but right now that’s not happening.

Our new coach might be good enough to get us slightly above .500 in SEC play, but it’s not likely. I hope to have one who can get us to 6 conference wins at least occasionally. It’d sure be nice to get to 7, but all the stars will have to align. It’s my hope, but not my expectation.

I know it’s not in our best interest to become a coaching carousel. That, too, hurts the program. However, I also know 4 or 5 years from now, the same people who were calling for CBB’s scalp following the Belk Bowl will be calling for his scalp, too. His record will be his fault because “our facilities are second to none” and finishing 8-12 in SEC recruiting rankings (even if we’re top 25 nationally), is just his fault, too.

I wish it weren’t so, but I’m afraid it is.

Sad but true. Expectations have become completely unrealistic, everywhere. In essence, Nick Saban has gotten a boatload of coaches fired; the fan bases expect people to compete with/beat him, in recruiting and on the field, and right now that isn’t happening. Yes, I know we’re several levels below that now, but we weren’t that low last December when people started screaming for BB’s head on a platter. Want to improve our recruiting rankings? Improve high school football in Arkansas. That’s also what’s going to improve our results on the field, and it’s something our coach, be it Hatfield, Petrino, Bielema or the next guy, can’t control in any way.

Getting back to Saban, there are 130 teams in FBS. You know how many of the other 129 can really compete with Alabama right now? One, wearing the hideous orange and purple unis. But Nick’s still going to get people fired. Gus may still be out if he loses to Bama and Jawja this year.

27-31 is a record that is without a doubt not even mediocre it’s bad. While some gripe about high expectations, 27-31 and 10-26 conference is horrific, not meeting any expectations. Some people just can’t admit Bret is just not a good coach and it shows. We have no in game adjustments, they only game plan for the first quarter apparently, decelopment is poor, play calling varies too much (effectiveness, sometimes it is good sometimes you have to smack yourself), no identity, the list goes on. But anything to keep from criticiIng Bret, swallow your pride and realize he is not what’s best for the program, or I can point you to a good ophthalmologist.

Nick Saban is not the reason Bret is going to be fired!

10-21 against the rest of the SEC is why

Six straight losses P5 schools other than Alabama is why he’ll be fired

Promising to build a great offensive line and instead fielding arguably the worst in school history is why he’s going to be let go.

Five losses in a row to A&M - a far cry from Nick’s maulers - is why he’s being let go.

Come on, Alabama has little to do with Bret’s plight. It’s how poorly he’s performed against everybody else!

I really like coach B. I think he is wonderful for these young men. However, winning in the SEC is very difficult and Coach B came here to see if what he did at Wisconsin would work in the SEC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Most of the time you can’t out muscle a five star with a three star. I hate to undergo a big change again, but what are ya gonna do? But, I sure have liked the character of Coach B.

You guys are focused on the wrong problem. I promise you we will be back here (really a much worse, apathetic place due to the cumulative effect) in 5 years if we let Jeff Long make another coaching hire.

Look what he did at Pitt. Look at his first, second and third choices before Petrino (Bowden, Grobe and Muschamp). Look at the John L Smith move. Look at Beliema. The funny thing is that he sort of “got” Beliema the same way he “got” Petrino - they both just happened to be the guy with “a name” who was perusing the job. Jeff failed to get “his guy” (thankfully) and we got the one who fell out of the sky. Lucky beyond measure once, got what we deserved and would expect the next.

Please don’t forget how we got Jeff Long as AD - John White, who was the worst thing that ever happened to UA athletics, made it his last great move - the exclamation point of his reign of destruction was hiring Long.

Remove Jeff Long or… see you in 5 years.

For what it’s worth, John White had little to do with getting Long to Arkansas. That was mostly Dave Gearhart’s doing. Gearhart knew Long from his days doing consulting work in Pennsylvania. He headed the search team for a new AD. It was obvious he was about to become chancellor.

There’s no reason at all to fire Long. Even at the top schools, making the right coaching hire is a crapshoot. Look at Texas, Florida, Tennessee. Before Saban, Alabama had a string of bad hires. Ole Miss had as good as it’s likely to get in David Cutcliffe & it fired him.

I don’t expect our next coach to beat Saban. I doubt he’ll beat Auburn, LSU or A&M too often.

You’ve already determined that while our next coach will fail, it’s only because he’s a bad hire. And you know he’ll be a bad hire because Jeff Long hires him. So if we fire Long, just who are we going to get? Probably the very same coach, or at least same kind of coach we’ll get if he does the hiring. We’re probably no longer in the position of hiring an established head coach. We might find someone who has enjoyed success at a smaller school, but Long is as capable of finding that person as whoever you imagine will replace him. (Good lord, the idea of firing the AD, hiring a new one & immediatey task him with hiring a football coach in itself is laughable it’s so bad.)

Everyone might have a wish list, but we’ll be competing with Tennessee, TAMU, & Ole Miss for a new coach. There’ll probably be some openings in other places, too. We’re not the top job. We’ll have to find someone who is willing to take a job where the fans expect 9-10 wins per year while our best realisitic prospects are no more than 8 and at best 9.

Matt, there you go contradicting mindless rants with facts again :smiley:


I think BP proved if we get the right guy we can be a top tier program in the SEC. Before all the bad went down with BP we were in the top 10 in the country. It can be done. But we can’t make another bad hire. That’s what sets your program back for years. I honestly don’t know who we can get but I do know we’ve got some of the best facilities in the SEC, we’ve got a hungry fan base and we live in NWA. It’s a beautiful place to live & raise your family. That all has to mean something.

I think we need someone who has a great offensive mind. I would like to see Arkansas go uptempo again.

I’m sure nothing will be done until after the year is over but our BOD has to decide what’s best for this program. I just don’t think BB is it.

Matt is correct. David Gearhart knew Jeff Long from work at Pitt. That was Gearhart’s choice as AD. John White was on the way out and Gearhart was going to be Chancellor.

John White takes heat for many things, perhaps deservedly so. But I wouldn’t think this would be something you could say he did (right or wrong).

Wrong. Dave Gearhart picked Long, having known him at Pitt. But we can’t let facts get in the way of our rants, can we?