This Jordan Nixon

Jordan burned Arkansas twice with buzzer beaters this season. Once again, she puts the Aggies into Sweet 16 with a coast to coast buzzer beater in a career 35 point game. Wow! What a clutch player!

watched that game…was rooting for Iowa State as the underdog but have no problem rooting for Coach Blair…he recruited my daughter when he was at Arkansas…but 4 knee surgeries in high school ended that dream…now she’s an RN

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Yeah she’s special. Her post game interview was very emotional and humble. Something we don’t see too often these days.

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Yes, that was a great interview.

On the other hand, father of Iowa State leading scorer Ashley Jones, was fit to be tied throughout the game. I thought at times he was going to come on the court and strangle the refs. They did not show him after Nixon made that basket, but I can imagine what he nay have been doing.

I only caught the last few minutes of the game so I didn’t get to see him. Sounds like a jewel.

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