This isn't good

Tickets are shown on the ESPN site as being available for $6.00
When donors hear that, they will say WHY am I spending the big bucks!

FROM ESPN website:

New Mexico State at Arkansas 11:00 AM SECN WatchESPN Razorback Stadium, Fayetteville, AR 1,531 tickets from $6

Those are the tickets on the secondary market; sites like Stubhub. No one expected New Mexico State to be a hard ticket. That’s as much a byproduct of the opponent as anything.

You aren’t going to find a $6 ticket for the opponents people want to see.

To put this in context, you have to see what the prices are at other games this weekend.

For example:

Texas @ Iowa State - tickets from $12
#14 Miami @ Duke - Tickets from $9
Arizona State @ Stanford - Tickets from $9
Troy @ #25 LSU - Tickets from $6

As Matt said, last minute tickets on StubHub, etc. for non-marquee games often go for very little. It should also be said that the tickets you’d get for that price would be some of the worst in the stadium.

You hold tickets for the opponent. And, for some, they return most of them. That drops the price on the websites.

I sure would hope so… (Iowa State?; Duke? I never knew those to be schools that drew well…at all. LSU is having issues as a state! There is record unemployment due to the oil prices; not sure about Stanford, but it can’t be a good sign when tickets are sold for $6 ESPECIALLY on the secondary market where they are based on supply & demand!!!)

The point is that it’s tough all over - most everyone has a reason demand is down. And, Iowa State and Duke are hosting very attractive “Name” opponents - typically a good draw even if your own team isn’t that hot (Duke is a good program on the rise, as well).

Now, if you have a “big game”, prices remain pretty high. For those of us who are not having big seasons, and playing uninspiring opponents - yeah, there’s going to be some tickets that can be gotten on the cheap.

This is another by-product, by the way, of the facilities arm race that has everyone building huge stadiums. If you’re not having a great season, you’re not going to fill that 70-80K or more stadium like you did when it held 50K.

Record unemployment? Really? Unemployment in the US was 4.4 percent in August, up slightly from July but down from 4.9 percent last September. The Arkansas unemployment rate is even better, 3.5 percent. (Economists don’t want the unemployment rate to get too low because it puts upward pressure on wages which results in inflation.) It might tick up a bit in September but it won’t be anywhere near a record. The Louisiana unemployment rate is 5.2 percent, by the way.

In December 1982, as I was finishing school at UA, it was 10.8 percent (fortunately I had a job waiting for me). That 1982 rate was the highest since I was born (Ike was president). In the Great Depression, the rate was well over 20%. Good thing the UA stadium in the 1930s only had about 300 seats.

Sports angle: Part of what got us through the Depression was government programs that put those unemployed men to work (remember that women basically stayed home then, with a few exceptions like teachers and nurses). In many cases, what those programs did was build things. One of those government programs was the Works Progress Administration. One of the things the WPA built in Arkansas was a little project which was originally known as Carl Bailey Stadium. We know it today as Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Sorry about that…I failed to qualify re: LSU. Their state is in economic turmoil. Fans are pissed about O’s salary when the state is broke. My realtor friend in Houma says there is tremendous flight from their city cause the oil industry is DOWN. Sorry to send you off on a dissertation!! MY BAD!!

Here is the thing about coaches’ salaries: The states never come close to paying for the full amount. There is a line-item maximum on state budgets for each state position. If you want to pay over that, you have to do it with private donations.

Let’s take Bielema, for instance. The last time I checked, the line-item maximum for his job was about $195,000. In other words, that’s all the taxpayers contribute to his salary. Everything else is through ticket sales, donations, etc.

Yep. And I’m not sure the taxpayers are even picking up that much; RF may be reimbursing the university for the entire thing. Again, not sure about that though.

Spin it or not, $6.00 for a bad seat is a bad deal for the U of A… Sounds like attendance will not be good…and we’re spending millions on expansion…

Apples and oranges. The expansion doesn’t have any seats that will be going for $6 in any of our lifetimes. They’re a lot more than that and most of them are already sold

Cheap tickets and parking passes are the result of the product being put on the field, which is on Bielema and Long.