This Isaiah Joe kid...

I hope Bailey and Gabe don’t pass up open shots. That irritates me more than anything in basketball. 9 out 10 times, it screws up the offense and it becomes an empty possession. Gabe had two examples of this last night

One huge difference between this team and other teams in Mike’s era here is they have two 6’5” shooters who can get their shot off. That is a huge advantage. We will see benefit of that in a close game sometime this season.

When he sees the one in the film room, he’s gonna be embarrassed. Manny said he was gonna feel sick about it

Gabe got a long way to go. Good thing is that he has size and some physical ability. His best game is when he does not have the ball. Then he does some good things. Not so much when he has the ball.

He had just taken a bad shot. And undoubtedly he was trying to not do that, again. I doubt he realized no one was there.

Gabe has some ability and a role but like a lot of players he seems to be more worried about what he’s not than embracing what he is—a guy who can be a defensive force that impacts games by taking multiple charges, guarding several positions and scoring in transition/scramble situations and hitting open shots.

I wish people would jay off of him and let him grow. He reminds me a lot of Wen Mukubu. People thought he couldn’t play, here, and then he became an All-Conference player at UAB.

One of the problems with college hoops is that almost every kid is worried about scoring and getting paid to play rather than developing and understanding that the actual what to maximize their potential is to person their role and continue to develop.

Bailey is a good example. He has been a guy who was largely written off but has worked his way into being a very solid midrange shooter, energy guy and team leader.

This team—if they can overcome FT woes and bounce back from inevitable losses that come in a long season—has a lot of really good things going for it.

So far they play really well, together, share the ball well and play tons better defense.

They’re going to lose out on some “nameL recruits that they’re now willing to pay for put moving forward this roster has a ton of potential if they can add a few pieces in the next few classes.

They aren’t going to get Moody, Doakes, Davis and probably Moore but they’ll get some good players that fit the system and in a year or 2 are going to be a Top 10-1( type team.

Spot on, I 100% agree

I started it three games ago lol.

Wen Mukubu is a good compare. And Bailey maybe another Jacorey Williams.

Bottom line is Mike plays a long game and fans want a short game for every freshman to look like a finished product or close to it.

Correct … I was at the game against Delaware State when Dillard set the record that Clark later beat. :sunglasses:

High arcing with soft backspin also creates better chance of going in off the bounce. Some would say just getting the lucky bounce, which in fact it isn’t luck, but part of the skill set of a great shooter.

I don’t think you mean learn, because he can easily do that and does in every game. Also, I don’t think the framework of this team’s offense is for Joe to play like Barford. Joe Johnson had a great career passing the ball and getting set up for shots off screens. That will be this Joe’s bread and butter.

I’m waiting of Embry-Simpson to get going. I like his defense. I know he can shoot, but not looking like it right now. Hoping it comes soon.

Where you are in the shot clock matters to me. If Bailey is first to touch the ball and open, let’s see what he can make happen with an extra pass. Same for Gabe. The problem I see with Gabe that I don’t see with Bailey is Gabe will pass up an open shot to drive and get either a player control foul, or a contested shot, which IS irritating.

Updated my shot charts this morning. Here’s Isaiah Joe’s:

what i was saying is he is much more likely to shoot the 3 than drive to the basket,I have seen some drives but I am thinking against the better teams that 3 ball is going to covered very tightly and if he can blow by them for baskets or mid range jumpers he will be much harder to defend.