This Isaiah Joe kid...

Hes not to bad, is he?

Not so bad at all…

If he will be a little more selfish he’s gonna set some records.

Would love to see him take the record for 3s made. Rotnei Clarke holds it now with 13. Joe certainly has the stuff to make it happen.

Al Dillard also once hit 13 3’s.

He has the range of Al Dillard :boar:

Some may not remember but Dillard was almost as good left handed as he was right handed.

Dillard had 12 treys against Delaware State. RC’s 13 against Alcorn is the SEC record.

The only schools that have had more than one player hit 12+ threes in a game are Arkansas and Winthrop.

Pat Bradley and Scotty Thurman also had 10 in a game

I once saw Al purposely bank in about 20 3s in a row from the right wing in a shoot around. He was ridiculous.

One step at a time. Today Joe set the freshman record. He went where no freshman has gone before.

Awesome shooter,will be unstoppable if he can learn to attack the basket.

He will most likely score 40 in the National Championship game against Duke!


Awesome shooter,will be unstoppable if he can learn to attack the basket.

[/quote]If he can just do two-thirds of this at Tennessee we’ll be in good shape. But, I concur, if he learns how to move with the ball ( and a head fake every now and then), he’ll become historic.

What most excites me most about Isaiah Nylon Eyed Joe, is that he has qualities our other prolific shooters did not have. Unlike Al and Rotnei , Isaiah has some height and length. Unlike Dusty, he has a fair amount of athleticism, and he is already better on the defensive end than any of those guys. I would say that he even has a chance to be carved into Mount Hogmore with Sidney, Corliss, Eddie and Nolan. Big Dan could wind up there too, by either coming back for another year, or leading us to a spectacular run in the dance this year.

Joe’s shot reminds me of Scottie’s…a high arcing soft ball. I am no scientist, but did play the game and worked on my shooting hard when I was a boy. Great shooters have two traits…1) the ball has beautiful rotation and 2) a nice high arc.

Great rotation means your shooting motion is good…the ball is being catapulted in a consistent manner and your hand is releasing the ball with a nice follow through putting backspin on the ball which helps it stay near the rim, if it hits the rim.

A nice high arc allows for a softer landing and a better angle coming into the rim. More shots go in with a high arcing shot than a flatter shot for this simple reason.

In my opinion, Daniel Gafford would improve his free throw shooting pretty quickly by just putting more arc on the ball. He has a nice stroke.

Just read Scottie’s story on the game. I didn’t realize Mason Jones had a double-double. Man that was a quiet double-double. Harris was one assist shy. If those two can do that night in, and night out, along with Big Dan, Joe may have a lot of open threes this year. We may make a little run this year.

Joe can hear up for sure. Once Phillips and Emery start hitting their shots with Gafford and Jones there won’t be as many double teams on anyone on the floor. All of these guys are a threat to score. Bailey and Gabe may score but they really need to play hard defense and rebound. Chaney will show out this season as well. This is by far the most talent we’ve had on the court in a long time.
I want to see them on the road in conference play.

If he doesn’t watch out and keeps putting up numbers like this, everyone will yell “shoot!” every time he gets the ball.


If he doesn’t watch out and keeps putting up numbers like this, everyone will yell “shoot!” every time he gets the ball.

[/quote]Well, Joe was only 2 of 10 against Montana St. So, there will be games that temper the fans.

However, the amazing thing is he’s only a frosh, having played in just 6 college games…and, we’re already being amazed.