THIS is why I don’t want Kiffin

He just posted this on Twitter. His immaturity is amazing sometimes. He is a fool, in my opinion.

Opinions are funny things. This already popped up in another thread and several posters liked it so much they wished we would hire the guy.

I find it astounding that any rational fan would even consider wanting him as coach. To each their own.

Offering the job to Kiffin would be akin to going to the grocery store while extremely hungry…even prunes look good.

I just saw that thread, and those who think he’s hilarious and cool are simply wrong.

Would be crazy to hire this guy.

If you listen to him explain his way about going on things, it’s what helps him recruit.

He said he doesn’t say or do things to please older people; but to appeal to the younger fan(recruits).

Tweeting funny pictures is a way to do it.

I about died laughing when I saw it, im 40.

Some people LITERALLY have no sense of humor. I don’t think you have to worry about him being the Hog’s next coach.

I laughed too. I get why he’s doing it, but if he gets back to a major Power Five program, he’ll most likely be told to cool it.

I get why he does it. It is still unprofessional. If a fan posted that, I would laugh too. A head coach of a program? Totally wrong.

Just because something works, it doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.

I laughed at it, too. But Kiffin is part of the reason Tennessee finds itself in this situation. Had he remained there longer instead of jumping to USC, the Vols might be on more solid ground now. As has been said, not everything funny needs to be put on Twitter.

No kidding. This isn’t 1968 and the Richard Nixon era. Things have changed. Lighten up.

I am 47 years old. I laughed long and loud at this.

I have no desire to have Kiffin as a coach, but this is funny.

I understand what you are saying. I just think it is unprofessional. It was funny. I don’t like it for a head coach.

Let’s be honest, no matter if it’s Gus, or Kiffin, or Norvell, or Morris, etc. there will be reasons to like the choice, and there will be reasons to not like the choice.

Gus is a better coach than he was 18-months ago, when, by just a fraction of a second, he ended a 2-10 SEC run vs. LSU. He’s grown as a coach. If we hire him, we can expect the more mature 2017 version of Gus, not the Shiloh or Springdale HS version of Gus; not the HDN OC version. We wouldn’t have to suffer through a Gus learning curve, if we were to hire him today.

Kiffin is a better coach now than he was when he left Tenn for his dream job at USC. In the time since, Kiffin was Saban’s OC for three years. I bet he learned a few things. He’s a coaching celebrity with potential recruits from California to Florida. If we want to attract 4*+ recruits from outside our traditional recruiting region, Kiffin will be able to do that from day-1. He knows how to relate to players. His tweets have a purpose. He’s a better coach today than he was when Tenn hired him. He’s game planned for Bama against SEC teams. He’s recruited Bama type players. We wouldn’t have to suffer through a Kiffin learning curve, if we were to hire him today.

Kiffin’s Florida Atlantic Turn Around: In one season, Kiffin turned a historically bad team around!

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1\t2017\tCUSA\t9\t3\t0\t.750\t6.16\t-4.76\t\t\t\tLane Kiffin (9-3)\t\t
2\t2016\tCUSA\t3\t9\t0\t.250\t-14.60\t-5.68\t\t\t\tCharlie Partridge (3-9)\t\t
3\t2015\tCUSA\t3\t9\t0\t.250\t-11.49\t-4.74\t\t\t\tCharlie Partridge (3-9)\t\t
4\t2014\tCUSA\t3\t9\t0\t.250\t-9.68\t-1.18\t\t\t\tCharlie Partridge (3-9)\t\t
5\t2013\tCUSA\t6\t6\t0\t.500\t-3.53\t-5.62\t\t\t\tBrian Wright (4-0), Carl Pelini (2-6)\t\t
6\t2012\tSun Belt\t3\t9\t0\t.250\t-9.83\t-1.08\t\t\t\tCarl Pelini (3-9)\t\t
7\t2011\tSun Belt\t1\t11\t0\t.083\t-22.63\t-4.96\t\t\t\tHoward Schnellenberger (1-11)\t\t
8\t2010\tSun Belt\t4\t8\t0\t.333\t-15.90\t-6.65\t\t\t\tHoward Schnellenberger (4-8)\t\t
9\t2009\tSun Belt\t5\t7\t0\t.417\t-

Agree with this.

Maybe he ought to go into politics. Crap like this seems to be in vogue (sadly).

Wiz, how do you feel about the extremely loud horrible music that’s played throughout the stadium before the games? It’s not good, but the players and recruits like it. It’s not against the rules. It serves a purpose. Personally, I’d rather have the band playing, and I go inside until the kickoff ceremonies start to get away from it, but they don’t do it for me.

Kiffin is like Steve Spurrier before the days of Twitter. Florida State= Free Shoes University or you cannot spell Citrius Bowl without UT . Not bragging if you back it up but it raises the ire if people do not think you can walk the talk. I think it is just fun and not to be taken seriously .

I LMAO when I first saw that.

Well, I understand that no one cares what I think about the music played these days at the stadium. That’s changed in virtually every college stadium in the country over the last 10-15 years. Simply a sign of the times.

For the record - and, no surprise - I generally dislike (intensely) 80-90% of the “music” played. But I realize that times, music and tastes change over time. And I also get that these things skew toward the younger demographic. After all, this is a COLLEGE football game. So, it’s just something I have to accept and live with.