This is where I’m at

Coaching chops, success at this level, grew up in the business, high energy and ability to adapt to the times (transfer success). Love CMA, the kind of guy that is solid as the day is long, but I never saw him getting any better then his best Arkansas teams. Not saying Muss will, but I’m all in on another approach.

I am ready for the new era. I did think that with the class of 2018, if they stayed together, we had a special season and Mike’s best season coming in 2 years, But let’s move on.

I am a 5 year guy to evaluate such decisions and trends. Over the next 5 years, Eric has to do somewhat better than what Mike did in his last 5 years. That means he needs to do better than the following.

3 NCAAT with 2 second round finishes
2 SECT finals appearances
3rd in most SEC wins
3rd in most SEC road wins
A 2nd place finish in SEC

A combination of these, if not all, will do. For example, 2 NCAAT appearances with one Final Four would be fine. Or one SEC championship and an Elite Eight would do.

I don’t want to measure him on how filled BWA is. There are so many factors that control attendance,

I would think Muss would be in trouble if he only makes two NCAAT appearances in five years, even if one of them got to the last weekend (depending on when the FF came; if we showed steady progress and then got to the FF in year 4 or 5, it would be better than tournaments the first two years and then nothing). But I agree that he needs to show progression over what Mike gave us.

I like getting a guy who has limited recruiting experience. It’s not like we’ve had talent shortages.

I love that he likes to score. Love the Golden State model. Plays uptempo.

Haven’t even hired him yet and already whining :roll:

We are going to see a lot of that and if next year we struggle, watch out. Many of those who did not want to see Mike fired are going to be out to get the new coach no matter what. If Mike had been kept, it would have been the same thing from the other side of the fan base.

The only thing that will “unify” the fan base will be winning at the level we did from 1990 to 1995, and that is not likely to happen no matter who the coach is. I hope I am wrong, but I am afraid I am not. I hope winning (but not the requirement of getting to the 1990 to 1995 level) will be enough. Just don’t know that it will.