This is unwatchable

Adrio’s bouncy ball breakaway was the final straw for me.

Agreed. I’m done after the 1 v 4 steal for Florida.

I can’t recall a CMA team ever looking this bad. Florida is trying to give us this game and we’re just blowing it away.

I’m Trying hard this year not to come on here and make irrational in game posts…looks like apathy may help me get there. Youth? Coaching? Poor play? Idk but the guy gets paid a lot to perform better. That’s all I got.

All I know is, Kermit Davis is getting it done in year one at Ole Miss! Why are we so bad?

Possibly because he has some Big Time senior Guards and we have first year Guards. He is a very good coach though.

Imo we’ve been better than all of the teams we’ve played this year. How many have we lost? When is it gonna be on the coach? See what happens when we play a really well coached team like Texas Tech. I truly believe we have more talent but I wouldn’t bet against that coaching. I think we could shoot fifty percent from three if we could get the wide open threes we give other teams. I just think we are way better than we are playing and it seems to be getting worse as we go.